Getting started…

Getting started

Learn the basics of using Maximizer CRM. This guide will show you how easy it is to get up and running quickly.
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User guide

Step-by-step walkthroughs for each feature. This guide covers everything you need to know to use our software.
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Admin guide

Learn how to set up Maximizer CRM. Configure security roles, add custom fields, customize settings, and much more.
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Webinars …


Attend a live, free training webinar. Offered 6 times per week by professional instructors to crush your learning curve.
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Watch free training videos. Learn at your own pace by watching experts demonstrate Maximizer’s many features.
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Community forum

Ask the Maximizer community. Share your knowledge, or get fast help by posting questions and following discussions.
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Upgrade …


Learn about the latest version of Maximizer. Compare versions to see what you’re missing, and get pricing info.
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CRM resources

Tips and tricks to improve your CRM mastery. Free whitepapers, ebooks, articles, and on-demand webinars.
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Browse our docs. Find system requirements, supported applications, release notes, and more.
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System status …

System status

Check the service availability for Maximizer CRM Live at our data centers located around the world.
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Get access to our API. Extend your Maximizer CRM, integrate with applications, and interact with the data.
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Quickly find answers to commonly asked questions. See if your support question has been answered already.
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Contact Support

Contact support

Get help from our friendly support team. Find the support phone number, email, and hours of operation.
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