Sales Leaders

We know it’s your job to assess and coach your sales team to sustainable success. We also know you can’t wait until the quarterly sales report arrives to find out how your team has performed.

That’s where we come in…
Introducing Maximizer Sales Leader Edition.

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Sales Leader Edition


Sales Intelligence

Monitor the activities that matter

Set your next 1-on-1 to see what’s scheduled for the week ahead

  • Review your team’s planned and completed activities (like prospect calls, follow-up tasks, appointments made, etc.) to push deals forward
  • Step in for a coachable moment when the activities planned for the week ahead are looking light
  • Get alerts for overdue tasks to stay on top of your team

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Sales Intelligence

Know what your salespeople are doing, not just what they have done

Track and monitor your team’s pipeline in one consolidated view

  • Drive your team using leading (vs. lagging) indicators, to best impact pipeline progress, sales effectiveness and revenue outcomes
  • Search, filter and drill down to find the latest activity that you need to close deals faster
  • Easily configure Maximizer to match your processes and keep deals organized, forecasts updated & teams focused​
  • Get real time notifications on stagnant leads, to keep your team accountable for deals that matter

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Sales Intelligence

Get insights on productivity, better predict revenue, and drive desired behaviour

Visualize your team’s performance for business insights

  • Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that truly reflect the needs of Sales Leaders… and their boss
  • Monitor performance and activity to coach sales teams to success​
  • Translate data points and insights to make informed business decisions in real-time

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Sales Intelligence

Set quotas and align them with results

Set quotas to support the team’s forecast and financial targets​

  • Set monthly and quarterly targets to keep your team accountable
  • Allocate quotas by $ or % to easily track individual and team performance
  • Share team performance for transparency and to spark competition

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Access Maximizer – anywhere, anytime, using our feature-rich mobile apps for Android & iOS

Equip your team with full remote access to Maximizer and keep everyone on the same page. Easily search for client contacts and accounts. Send an email or make a phone call with a simple touch.

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Words from our customers

Maximizer is not just an information tool, it’s a ‘making you money’ tool