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Set Objectives

Set informed targets that align with your forecast and business goals through in-depth insights from CRM data.

Track Actions

Stay focused on sales activities that generate revenue through real-time information CRM analytics.

Hit Targets

Achieve consistent sales excellence across your team through advanced CRM reporting that highlights top performers.

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Product Overview

CRM Software Overview

Maximizer allows users to configure and customize unique profile views—no development needed. Set up our CRM your way to foster authentic relationships, increase productivity, and drive sales performance.

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Activity Timeline

View a detailed history of calls, emails, appointments, and notes to track your customer touchpoints.

Tasks & Notifications

Manage your to-do list, schedule reminders to stay on top of your deals, and never miss a follow-up.

Lead Handling

Separate leads from deals to keep your contacts and pipeline ready for the next move.

Dynamic Sales Pipeline

Customize your sales process with proven sales methodologies or create your own to build a winning pipeline.

AI-Powered Playbook

Empower sales professionals at every stage of the sales cycle with human-centric AI.

Reports & Analytics

Monitor team performance and track progress against your targets with detailed out-of-the-box dashboards.


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