Maximizer System Status

Service Disruption

Due to updates Microsoft has made to how Outlook authenticates with your e-mail servers, the Outlook Add-on may experience intermittent disconnections. We have opened a case with Microsoft, and we continue to investigate while we wait for updates from Microsoft on this issue.

Disconnection occurs when sending and saving e-mails to Maximizer from the Maximizer Outlook Integration. However, Calendar, Appointment, and Contact synchronization remain unaffected.

Maximizer is developing new capabilities for our MS Outlook Integrations based on Office 365 (and compatible with New Outlook), which will alleviate the issue in the long term.

In the meantime, to save individual emails to Maximizer and avoid the disconnect, we recommend using our new Maximizer Connect for Outlook 365 integration, available on our AppDirectory: Setup Microsoft Outlook 365 with Maximizer Connect. 

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We continue to monitor any new information from Microsoft that might expedite a permanent solution to this challenge.