CRM for Canadian Financial Advisors

Digitalize your book of business for automated tasks, streamlined workflows, and audit-ready documentation

Invest in Success

Nobody understands you quite like your peers. That’s why we worked directly with our existing clients to ensure the features we offer to financial advisors are wanted and needed to grow their business.

Set Personalized Targets

    • Establish clear targets and objectives for each client.
    • Track progress and nurture the client-advisor relationship.
    • Define and monitor financial milestones for clients.

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Build a Growth-Orientated Practice

  • Centralize data and monitor how strategies translate into success.
  • Prepare for a valuable succession with a digitalized playbook.
  • Never overlook vital follow-ups with potential clients or existing ones.

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Monitor Key Activities Driving Growth

  • Track activities aimed at enhancing clients’ financial positions.
  • Manage tasks effectively with automated alerts.
  • Identify areas for professional development and mentorship within your team.

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Visualize the Health of Your Practice

  • Access crucial data on client accounts and performance with dashboards.
  • Foster success by setting and tracking financial activity targets.
  • Make informed decisions on financial strategies to drive revenue growth.

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Optimize Your Workflow with Maximizer Integrations

Docusign and other business-critical tools are available to use through native and Zapier integrations.

We Invest in Financial Advisors

We’ve helped more than 120,000 businesses all over the world close deals faster. Here are just a few of the organizations that use Maximizer.

“Maximizer is the sales and operations backbone of our company that’s enabling us to provide a seamless experience to our clients throughout each of their life stages.”

Matt Welykholowa
Former VP Operations
Thrive Wealth Management

“Maximizer CRM has helped us map our sales process from lead capture to opportunity level for the most targeted follow-up activities that consistently bring in sale after sale.”

Marc Allard 
Chief Executive Officer

“Without Maximizer, we wouldn’t have been able to grow our database as quickly as we have done. There is no way that you can run a company like ours without a tool like Maximizer CRM”

Charity Holden
Business Dev. Manager
Hub Exhibitions

The Ultimate Growth Platform

For over 20 years, Maximizer has been helping financial advisors build strong relationships, know their clients, and maintain exceptional records.