Maximizer for Revenue & Sales Leaders

Sales don’t just “happen”. Maximizer enables leaders to track sales rep activity, monitor individual effectiveness, and coach them to close deals faster, while permanently adopting the best practices and habits in the world.




Manage sales team activity

Do you know what your top achieving reps are doing to drive new revenue? What about the low achievers? Are they following your direction?

Maximizer improves your new customer acquisition by:

  • Using built-in analytics to monitor and assess sales rep activity and performance in real-time.
  • Equipping sales leaders with the uncluttered insight needed to provide timely direction on sales rep activity, and targeted coaching where it is needed.
  • Providing feedback to the sales leader to confirm their direction has been followed.
  • Deploying our best-in-class process automation for managing leads, prospects and renewals… or you can modify Maximizer to embrace your processes!


Manage your pipeline

Do you know what deals are most likely to convert? And which ones are just getting pushed down the road, or may never close? Are the right people taking action NOW?

Maximizer effectively manages your pipeline by:

  • Ensuring every lead is followed up on in a timely manner
  • Providing out-of-the-box and customized reports, forecasts, and dashboards – giving your sales leader, sales team, and executives the essential visibility needed to spot trends and flag outliers… and then take action!
  • Removing the clutter of irrelevant data or dated reports, enabling you to focus on what you do best – lead your sales team to the next level!


Manage your business

Did you know that leads nurtured in a CRM will convert 47% of the time? Do you have a plan to capture such “low hanging fruit”?
Maximizer’s intuitive platform provides a proven plan to do just that, empowering your sales leaders by:
  • Giving the best visibility & control over sales team performance
  • Consolidating all critical customer lifecycle information in one place
  • Capturing, organizing and assessing leads, prospects and renewals
  • Continually analyzing your customer base to identify & leverage cross-sell, upsell, and renewal opportunities

Built for sales leaders, by sales leaders

Get a complete – and confident – view of your pipeline.

Effortlessly monitor one deal, or all of them. Be alerted in real-time to exceptions needing your immediate attention so no deal slips through the cracks. Use one of Maximizer’s pre-installed sales management methodologies, or configure Maximizer to use your existing process – quickly and painlessly. Forecast revenues with confidence, track and celebrate wins, and clearly see your progress towards overachieving your quotas.

Track deal progress with full visibility.

Turning rising stars into shining stars requires Maximizer’s real-time monitoring of sales rep activity, so you have pertinent information pushed to you on the deals in progress, and what each sales rep has done to advance them to closing.

Improve team productivity.

Automated email integration, mobile CRM access, standard and custom templates, built-in task management, and configurable action plans means we’re minding the shop so you can provide value as you engage, sell, close, onboard and service your customers.

Leverage pre-configured fields, views & reports.

Because we’ve been sales leaders for over 30 years, we know the importance of instant access to reports that communicate if a sales team is on track and following your lead. Maximizer is designed to capture, analyze, and effortlessly recall the pertinent information – using the fields we suggest or the ones you like better. Drive compelling reports, dashboards, forecasts and goal tracking… all with a simple ‘click’.

Customize workflows to reflect (and drive!) your processes.

Make every client interaction timely and valuable, using workflows customized to reflect your critical business processes… or use Maximizer’s standardized workflows. The choice is yours!

Graham Cording

Business Collaboration Specialist

Maximizer has been an invaluable tool. It enables us to be very efficient, keep track of progress on client projects and opportunities, and deliver the service we want to for our customers.