Maximizer for Revenue & Sales Leaders

The world’s best sales reps
are always playing a couple moves ahead.
Maximizer is a game-changing CRM
designed for you: their coach.

Whether it’s your top scorers or your new recruits, sales wins don’t just “happen”. Maximizer is, at last, the platform you’ve been looking for to give you an unprecedented window into your sales rep’s activity and advanced insight into their pipeline potential.


Sales Leader Edition


Close. Deals. Faster.

Do you know what your best performers are actually doing to drive revenue? What about your “lone wolf” reps? And your benchwarmers?

With Maximizer, coach to win and close deals faster.

  • Ready-made analytics to predict, monitor and assess activity and performance – in real time!
  • Uncluttered, field-of-play visibility to provide targeted direction and coaching – when and where it’s needed.
  • Measured and continuous feedback for coach and players alike – ensuring game plans are being followed.

“Everybody dances around the fact that the ultimate purpose of deploying CRM technology is for you to sell MORE.”
Iain Black, Maximizer President & CEO
CIOViews Magazine December 2022

Sell. More. Now.

Do you know exactly which deals are most likely to convert?
Are your reps planning the right moves?
What in your pipeline is offside or may never close at all?

With Maximizer, coach to win and sell more now.

  • Designed around your critical business processes. Your choice to use Maximizer’s pre-installed sales management tools OR quickly and easily configure your own custom workflows.
  • “Beyond CRM” functionality including full visibility and control over every prospect, lead, and deal. From real-time alerts if something risks falling through the cracks to cutting opportunity timewasters that will never close.
  • Customized, clutter-free and up-to-date reports, forecasts and dashboards to not only track quotas and revenue but also spot trends and flag outliers…and then take action.
  • Full suite of productivity tools including quick access to pertinent deal information, automated email integration, standard & custom templates, configurable action plans & task management, quota tracking and mobile app.
  • Complete and confident insight into your pipeline, enabling you to focus your leadership efforts, develop habits for success, and coach your team in an ambitious yet sustainable fashion.

Did you know that leads nurtured in a CRM will convert 47% of the time? Do you have a plan to capture the “low hanging fruit”?

Renew. Renew again. And renew some more.

Does the thought of losing good customers keep you up at night?
Do your customer acquisitions costs put you in the red if they don’t renew with you?

With Maximizer, renew with confidence and secure customer lifetime value.

  • Best-in-class renewal process automation with consolidation of all critical customer lifecycle information in one place.
  • Full suite of renewal productivity tools to expedite and accelerate your renewal opportunities including automated email integration, configurable action plans & task management, and mobile app.
  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities to not only track and identify renewal opportunities in your base, but chances to cross-sell, up-sell and expand base revenues.

Maximizer: Built for sales leaders, by sales leaders.

“It is our mission to bring peace to the frustrated sales leader, and calm to the anxious renewals manager. Our steadfast belief in, and commitment to, this mission allows us to continue to assert ourselves differently than anyone else.”
Iain Black, Maximizer President & CEO | CIO View Magazine December 2022

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