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Designed to Grow With You

Maximizer starts with the essentials for the small office and scales to entire enterprise-sized sales teams.

We make it easy to add marketing and customer success teams to support the entire customer lifecycle.

Professional Services are also available to help configure Maximizer to meet the unique needs of your business; work with our sales team or partners to build the right combination of software and services to meet your needs.

At Maximizer, we believe in transparency and simplicity.

We offer 3 editions to help make it easy to select the right one for you today, knowing you can upgrade tomorrow.

Maximizer is typically deployed as Software as a Service (cloud) environment to minimize the need for IT while delivering regular updates. Maximizer is available for private cloud deployment (on-premise) if have unique business and regional requirements.


Flexible packaging and services options


Pricing and billing to suit your business

Maximizer makes it easy for your team to procure the right solution today, and opportunity to expand in the future.
  • Simple per user subscription model with data limits. Monthly pricing billed annually. Additional users can be added at any time.
  • Support for multiple currencies and regions including Canadian dollars, US dollars, Euro, UK pound, South Africa Rand, and Australian dollars.
  • Additional packages designed specifically for financial and insurance advisors are also available.
  • We will recommend the right level of Professional Services to get you up and running quickly as well as for ongoing support.

Maximizer Editions and Pricing

Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Email + Online Resources
Chat, Business Hours Telephone Support
Standard Training Onboarding Package
Dashboards + Reporting
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Customizable Dashboards
Standard Built-in Reports
Advanced Analytics Dashboards + Reporting
Formula Engine
Extensive Data Drill Down
Custom Data Widgets
Best Practive Templates Provided
Scheduled Email
Sales Management
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Opportunity Management
Partner Relationship Management
Pipeline Management
Territory Management
Customizable Sales Process
Campaign Source Identification
Contact Management
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Action Plan
Address Book
Record Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Alerts + Notifications
Audit Log
Call Logging
Data Import + Export
Data Management, Field Requirements, Business Rules
Document Library
Storage Limit 1GB 10GB Unlimited
Duplicate Record Checking
Batch Record Editing
Role-based Security
Search + Filters, List Management
Task Management
Lead Management
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Customizable Lead Stages for Nurturing
Lead Qualification
Seamlessly Convert Leads to Contact
Web Form to Lead
Marketing Campaigns
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Email Templates + Merge Fields
Bulk Email 30k/mo 100k/mo
Campaign Tracking
Web Forms
Customer Service
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Case Management
Call Logging
Case Monitoring + Alerts
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
Microsoft Office 365
Small Office Edition Business Edition Professional Edition
SSO Login
Advanced User Permissions
AES-256 Encryption

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Who is the ideal user of Maximizer?

Maximizer is built for sales professionals and leaders who need a complete view of the customer lifecycle from lead, to opportunity, to closing a customer, all the way through renewal and retention. Typically, we support sales teams from 5 to well over 100 users. Maximizer provides essential functionality to manage contacts with our Small Office edition. However, larger teams will benefit from the collaboration, shared database, and comprehensive reporting, analytics and dashboards that are available in our Business and Professional editions. Based on extensive experience within the financial markets, we have also designed pre-configured solutions for financial and insurance advisors.

What is your pricing model?

Maximizer is a per-user subscription model with annual billing plans. We offer three editions plus two pre-configured editions for financial and insurance advisors.

How is Maximizer delivered?

Maximizer is available on both a private and public cloud platforms. We typically recommend the full public cloud offering where we host, manage, and update the platform on an ongoing basis. No additional IT resources are typically required. 

Private cloud (on-premise) is available in special circumstances where you need full control for regulatory or business reasons.

Maximizer offers a complimentary mobile application for iOS and Android, so you access your CRM anywhere, anytime.

What vertical industries does Maximizer support?

Maximizer is a CRM that can support virtually any industry where a company needs to build, maintain, and optimize relationships with a customer. We have worked closely with thousands of sales-focused companies over the past 30 years who have helped us understand typical business and technical requirements in every region and essentially every vertical market. Our professional services teams and partners use the powerful, configurable nature of Maximizer to build custom workflows, reports, dashboards, user-defined fields to support the needs of our global customers.

What support do I get?

We are here to help you maximize the value of your CRM investment. Our Small Office Edition offers complimentary email support in addition to a variety of online tools and video tutorials. Our Business and Professional Edition include email, live chat, and human-to-human support for how-to questions and technical issues during business hours (7am–8pm 5-days a week).

We also provide professional services to help customize and maintain your deployment to fit your unique business needs, data structures, user defined fields, workflow, and reporting and dashboard requirements.

More questions?

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