Maximizer for Insurance Advisors

Manage and grow your book of business with a CRM dedicated to your insurance business needs.

From engaging your best clients, to tracking & compliance, to nurturing your most important referral relationships …Insurance firms count on Maximizer to configure, report, automate, and simplify the entire Insurance CRM workflow.




your insurance agency

Empower agents with fast access to client history, preferences, key relationships, profitability and support records — all in one place.

Leverage Maximizer’s deep experience with financial services to:
  • Centralize policy holder information.
  • Organize your contacts into a household structure to quickly find policy holders and beneficiaries.
  • Manage your entire team with shared calendars across your team.
Increase lead generation and then ensure agents strike while the iron is still hot. Leverage new insights from powerful dashboards and reports.
Use Maximizer to grow your list of clients, and to sell more products & services within your base:
  • Manage your sales pipeline with consistent, transparent, and personalized views of activity and results.
  • Automate email campaigns, notifications, and tracking to ensure you are consistently engaging with clients and prospects.


Drive new and repeat
insurance sales


Take Care of Business

Stay compliant using tools that drive consistency and transparency across your team:
  • Track every client conversation (including emails) with seamless Outlook or Gmail integration.
  • Be audit-ready with filterable history on every field, note, or document.
  • Keep your logs tidy; purge by date (or date range) and export logs for storage.
  • Trust Maximizer’s enterprise-level security, with user roles, encryption and 2-factor security.

Insurance Workflow Automation

  • Manage the sale and qualification process
  • Enable standard insurance lead generation and sales processes.
  • Integrate with online applications that plug directly into a quote engine.
  • Issue a rating and the policy itself, eliminating the need to re-enter data.

Policy Tracking

  • Manage key policy data including policy type, price, payment status, change in risk and life change (e.g., birth of a child) that might trigger an opportunity for upselling.

Insurance Advisor Reports

  • Navigate one secure database to enable reporting on insurance sales, company growth and policy data.
  • Access standard insurance reports like risk and portfolio analysis.
  • Create custom reports using reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Agent Management and Activity Tracking

  • Manage the sales activity of individuals and groups to determine performance and establish benchmarks.
  • Leverage built-in activity tracking features including phone call tracking & integration, lead tracking, commission calculators and various administrative tools.

Referral Marketing

  • Engage your current clients to request referrals and then make it easy for them to provide one, using automated email templates.
  • Automate marketing efforts and enhance your performance using referral tree capabilities. See who your best referral partners are, and leverage that information appropriately.

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Maximizer is the center of my universe. I cannot see my day going without accessing my Maximizer.