Two-minute Masterclass: Achieve Numbers with Deal Visibility

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Two-minute masterclass: Achieving your numbers through “deal visibility” cover

Welcome to the 2-minute masterclass series for Sales Leaders

Now playing: Three ways to get the deal visibility you need to consistently achieve your numbers.

Read more below, or watch this episode with Maximizer’s own Alex Ackermans, VP Engineering

Sales Leaders know – modern sales is complex and has a lot of moving parts. And it’s more challenging than ever to have a real-time view on all the deals that your team is working on. The secret, then, to always achieving revenue targets is unobstructed deal visibility.

Here are three things you need to do to get the deal visibility you need to meet your revenue commitments time after time:

First – Look at a current, real-time, easy-to-read view of all deals “by stage”, for each sales rep.  Assess if you have enough deals at each stage of the sales process.

Second – Look at any opportunities that are off track, such as deals with no follow up tasks, deals that continue to get pushed out, or deals that have stalled at a particular stage. And then track those deals for any change in their status.

Finally – Dig a level deeper and find the key deals that need your oversight and expertise. Coach your sales people using playbook action plans to get deals through the next stages, until closed.

If you’re able to track these 3 things consistently, then you’re on your way to achieving your revenue targets every time.

“The right CRM software can provide this view of all active deals at-a-glance,” explains Alex Ackermans 20-year software developer and VP Engineering for Maximizer. “At Maximizer, we include a tool in our CRM software called Opportunity Viewer to give you the visibility needed to coach your sales team to consistently achieve your revenue targets.”

Your job as Sales Leader is to bring your experience and knowledge, knowing THAT will ultimately drive your team's performance. OUR job is to help with the right tools.

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