Want a Stellar Sales Culture? MaxTip: A winning mentality is data-driven

Want a Stellar Sales Culture? MaxTip: A winning mentality is data-driven cover

Stellar sales cultures have one thing in common: a winning mentality. More importantly, a collective winning mentality impacts both individual and team performance. Whether you are a sales team of five or five hundred, remember: modern, top-tier sales teams are data-driven.

Goal-oriented + growth mindset

Sales teams require clear, shared, ambitious goals, driven to exceed and outperform competitors. Ambitious objectives empower sales reps to bolster their confidence in skills, knowledge, and belief in the product or service.

Adaptability + coachability

Sales reps who are ‘in it to win it’ seek continuous improvement. They are open to learning new strategies, refining their techniques, and scrutinizing their pipeline for maximum deal flow. The magic here, however, lies in a great partnership with their Sales Leader, who can put a magnifying glass to their performance metrics and help coach them to success.

Results focused

With a true winning mentality, sales teams maintain a laser focus on results. Winning reps actively pursue daily sales activities (leading indicators) backed by empirical evidence for desired outcomes. Daily wins provided by a leading indicators strategy help boost reps' positivity, confidence, and resilience amid routine sales rejections.

What do all these attributes have in common? They rely on the timely collection, processing, and distribution of data before, during, and after your sales process. Maximizer Sales Leader Edition (SLE) is the ultimate CRM platform to provide those first building blocks of a stellar sales culture. Specifically, we are talking about the utilization of leading indicators.

Maximizer SLE provides more than just a robust 360-degree view of relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. It also provides intuitive, on-demand access to the everyday activities of each and every sales rep, which helps Sales Leaders monitor this activity and coach their sales teams toward desired sales targets.

Benefits of Using Leading Indicators to Support Stellar Sales Cultures

Leading Indicators can show progress towards an outcome objective, such as this quarter’s sales to date. It can also show compliance (or not) with a sales process requirement such as “all new leads receive a welcome email within 2 working days”. The real magic, as introduced above, is that they can continuously deliver 'wins' for daily goals, such as making calls and setting new meetings.

However, Leading Indicators can be put to work and do much more for your sales culture – and your bottom line. With Maximizer SLE, leading indicators can:

1. Provide actionable insights

You can use Maximizer SLE’s Opps Viewer to effortlessly determine that your Abandoned Deals count spiked, say, last week. Further examination shows that a single sales representative is responsible for the majority of this attrition. Clicking on one of their deals reveals that the last communication happened months ago, and reviewing another deal indicates that no communication has been scheduled. With a simple glance, you can also see that no notes were captured on either of the deals. It’s time to weigh in and set some actionable goals.

2. Facilitate continuous improvement

This is where leading indicators truly shine. Data-driven coaching is far more effective than casual observations, others' opinions, or vague conclusions from random data. Maximizer SLE’s Activity Tracker and Opps Viewer provide a window into what reps are doing, not doing, or could be doing better – which in turn provides Sales Leaders with those data-driven coachable moments.

3. Drive accountability…and the forecast

As mentioned above, having a window into reps’ activity provides that next level of transparency to drive accountability. Sales leaders can track performance, and members of sales teams can gauge their standing relative to others. The 'getting it done' window offers real-time tracking of pipeline attrition, revenue by funnel stage, and other metrics for leaders to assess forecast accuracy and potential challenges ahead.

Leading indicators offer Sales Leaders actionable insights to shape a successful sales culture for the future and boost immediate sales. Learn more about Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition.

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