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We’ve stocked our shelves with everything you need to understand how to increase the profitability of your business, from CRM best practices to improving lead generation, to upselling and cross-selling to your most profitable customer. Discover the value Maximizer CRM software can bring to your organization, including whitepapers, eBooks, videos, on-demand webinars and more.


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  • Reaching Out to Millennial Investors

    Millennials are the largest demographic group in history. They are also the most educated and tech savvy, but when it comes to financial affairs they are very much novices and don’t resemble your typical client.
  • CRM 101 - Book 1 of 3: For Beginners

    Sometimes we forget that not everyone lives and breathes CRM like we do. To help, we’ve put together the most comprehensive primer available that is here to simply explain all the acronyms, concepts, and nuances of customer relationship management.
  • CRM 101 - Book 2 of 3: CRM Unlocked: Guide to Terminology

    Our eBook series is kind of like your favourite book trilogy - you have to read each one to get the full story! The world of CRM is easy to get lost in, but don't fret. We're ready to guide you along the way and pass along the CRM jargon that will have you sounding like a seasoned pro.

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  • A Guided Tour of Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager 2017

    The latest version of Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager is finally here. Take a look at our 'guided tour' on-demand webinar to discover all the new features and benefits of the latest release.
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  • Preparing Yourself – and Your Clients – For Tax Season

    Tax season is here and it represents an overlooked sales opportunity for advisors. This webinar helps you get ready. We’ll explore the strategies you need to communicate to four different client segments: High Net Worth, Mass Affluent, Employee Groups and Millennials.
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  • 2017 CRM Trends for You and Your Customer

    Are you keeping on top of the latest CRM trends for you and your customers? From its early days as a desktop tool, CRM has come a long way in helping businesses engage with their customers. But if you are planning to buy CRM, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to keep up with the constant evolution of new trends and features.
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