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Get a birds-eye view …

Get a birds-eye view of customer engagement across departments — inside an application you can quickly personalize to match your way of doing business. Maximizer keeps your communications organized, simplifies data cleansing, and ensures your team responds to time-sensitive events.

Get organized

Get organized

Maximizer keeps all contact information in order so you can focus on what’s important — your customers.

Shared address book | Standardize….

Shared address book

Store all your contacts, notes and key documents in one place -- and never waste time hunting down a communication again. Perform quick searches by company affiliation or case number while on the phone. And recall favorite searches at a click.

Standardize & automate your processes

Without calling IT, quickly and painlessly automate your processes by tailoring built-in workflows to your organization. Whether you’re an enterprise, NGO or charity, Maximizer helps drive consistency and productivity.

Multi-level security | Audit log

Multi-level security

Match your user privileges to your business hierarchy. Control who can view and edit individual data capture fields. Limit access to accounts, contacts, modules and features. Create unlimited security roles and assign them to as many new users as you want.

Audit log

Expedite troubleshooting with a filterable history of changes to address book fields, notes and documents. Keep your logs tidy by purging them by date or date range -- and export old logs to Excel for compact storage.

Calendar | Form field validation


Run your day from anywhere with Maximizer’s mobile-friendly calendar. Review your prioritized to-do list at a glance. Check colleague calendars, schedule appointments and confirm meeting attendance on the fly. Re-assign tasks to another date or user.

Form field validation

Dirty data is a real headache for forecasting and reports -- forcing you to check entries by hand. Thankfully, Maximizer simplifies data management. Check for duplicate entries at a click and specify mandatory fields, for accurate forecasts and reports every time.

Find every contact…

Find every contact and communication

Drive productivity by capturing every contact and communication in a single searchable location.

Image below “Find every contact…”

Search & filters | Automatically track emails

Search & filters

Shrink your data mountain to a molehill with wide-ranging search criteria & filters built for sales, marketing, service and support. And you can save favorite searches for later.

Automatically track emails

Drive productivity and success by tracking all your contacts and email communications inside a single application. Sync Maximizer with Outlook and Gmail in almost no time using our pre-built integrations.

Call logging | Attach files to contacts and companies

Call logging

Identify top performers and those in need of coaching with automatic call logging. See who your reps called, along with call date, time and length at a glance. Plus capture call details in notes that are searchable by keyword.

Attach files to contacts and companies

Find a specific document related to a record without searching your entire library. Attach a file to an address book contact for easy retrieval -- or hyperlink to articles stored in the cloud.

Never miss a follow up..

Never miss a follow up

Get a visual on your team's performance and ensure nothing falls through the cracks on a busy day.

Alerts & notifications | Task management

Alerts & notifications

Stay on top of important events and what your team is doing. Trigger notifications on data capture fields. Know the moment you land a big opportunity -- or when a VIP service case gets escalated. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or policy expiration date.

Task management

Enhance your team productivity and responsiveness with dynamic task management tools. Filter your task list by priority and urgency to see what's coming up -- and easily shift low-priority tasks to a colleague or another day to balance workloads.

Actions Plans

Action plans

Standardize your processes and promote best practices with re-usable task list templates. Customize an activity plan with unlimited appointments and reminders — and then apply it to any user, opportunity or service case.

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Never miss a follow up..

Improve productivity

Eliminate non-revenue generating tasks — and focus your team where the money is.

Word integration | Mobile CRM

Word integration

Save all that typing with our seamless Word integration. Merge contact details into a Word file for envelopes and mailing labels. Attach Word templates to a CRM record — and click to apply stored templates to any communication, including invoices and proposals.

Mobile CRM

Take your office wherever you go using a feature-rich mobile-friendly CRM. Field agents can manage calendars, prepare for meetings — get a graphical dashboard view of chosen metrics — and much more, in the palm of their hand.

Image below Word Integrations | Mobile CRM

Document library | Email templates

Document library

Eliminate time spent retrieving and sending documents. Keep every form, manual and campaign material clearly organized inside your CRM library, and send documents to a contact straight from within the interface.

Email templates for standard communications

Elevate the professionalism of your communications and save time with branded email templates for simple announcements or campaigns. Include signatures and custom fields, and insert headers and footers to reinforce your corporate story.

BILL STROLL Sales & Marketing Manager, StepForth Placement

Maximizer is my centralized source for information. I use it in meetings, on the phone, to compose emails, notes or proposals, to research, retrieve, and update prospect and client data. I feel more organized and confident with Maximizer.

BILL STROLL Sales & Marketing Manager, StepForth Placement

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