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Crm tools for the full customer cycle

Contact management | Sales automation | Customer service

Contact Management CRM

Contact management

Get a complete view of your customer including contacts, communications, documents and activity history.
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Sales CRM

Sales automation

Close more deals and visualize performance using powerful sales tools that adjust to your processes.
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Customer Service CRM

Customer service

Exceed customer expectations with smarter, faster service tools you can access from anywhere.
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Marketing | Reports | Cloud & on-premise CRM

CRM Marketing


Boost customer engagement with every tool for outstanding data-driven campaigns.
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CRM Reporting Tools

Reports & dashboards

Quickly spot trends with versatile dashboards — and drill into your data with automated reporting.
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CRM Deployment Options

Cloud & on-premise CRM

Experience more choice and control with two flexible deployment options that grow with your business.
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Setup & onboarding | Customization | Integrations

CRM Setup

Setup & onboarding

Easily setup Maximizer yourself and have it work right away — or let us do all the work and maximize your ROI.
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CRM Customization


Tailor-fit Maximizer to your processes and make it as simple or complex as needed - without coding.
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CRM Integration


Connect Maximizer with MailChimp, Gmail, Outlook, Excel and more using our pre-built integrations.
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Very, very easy to customize…

Very, very easy to customize. The ability to customize software yourself is so important in a small or medium business without a big IT department. You simply decide what you want to do with the software and do it yourself.


Get organized, improve visibility, and grow sales


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