Two-minute Masterclass: Boost Revenue with Sales Tracking

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Two-minute masterclass: How to increase revenue by tracking past, present & planned sales activities cover

Welcome to the 2-minute masterclass series for Sales Leaders.

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In previous segments we talked about tracking Leading Indicators which are proven to be the MOST effective at predicting sales success.

Now that you know what Leading Indicators are, and their importance to sales success, here are three ways you can leverage them to help increase your sales team's outputs:

First – Before your next round of 1:1’s with your salespeople, take inventory of their activities from the past week – including emails, calls made, and demos completed – to get an accurate picture of how they’ve been spending their time.

Second – During the next 1:1, review this inventory as well as the activities your salesperson has planned for the upcoming days and weeks, to ensure they are spending the right amount of time on the Leading Indicator activities that YOU know will lead to success.

Finally- Assess all of your team’s planned activities to determine if your salespeople are truly using all the resources at their disposal effectively.  For example, does the next prospect interaction need help from the CEO, product team, or marketing team to help them close the deal?

“The right CRM software will give you this view of a sales team’s previous, current, and planned activities,” explains Alex Ackermans, 20-year software developer and VP Engineering at Maximizer. “This allows you to monitor and identify the right coaching opportunities with your salespeople as deals enter your pipeline and move forward – ensuring that your forecasts stay achievable and that the top of the funnel full.”

Your job as Sales Leader is to leverage your experience and knowledge to drive your team's revenue performance.  OUR job is to equip you with the tools to make it easy.

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