Two-minute masterclass: Measure What Matters (Hint: It’s more than just revenue)

Two-minute masterclass: Measure What Matters (Hint: It’s more than just revenue) cover

Welcome to the 2-minute masterclass series for Sales Leaders.

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How Sales Leaders can reach their objectives by setting and tracking targets beyond just revenue.

Read more below, or watch this episode with Maximizer’s own Alex Ackermans, VP Engineering.

Every sales leader is all too familiar with the pressure of delivering on expected revenue targets.

“When it comes to driving revenue, this age-old rule ‘Measure what matters’ is more important than ever,” says Alex Ackermans, 20-year software developer and VP Engineering at Maximizer. “But in order to achieve your sales objectives, it’s important to set and track targets beyond just revenue.”

Here are three things you need to do when it comes to tracking targets to close more deals:

First – Set targets for Leading Indicators: those early-stage sales activities are the best indicators of eventual success. By setting – and tracking – leading indicators, you will get early warning signs if a salesperson is in jeopardy of missing their targets.

Second – Make sure every salesperson is included in the setting and tracking of targets, and that your CRM is used to connect the targets, the progress on those targets, and the actual revenue results.

Third – Start each day with a unified view that reminds you of everyone’s progress against the various targets.  Use dashboards to quickly identify key trends and outliers, so that you’ll always be ready to coach based on what’s going well… and what isn’t.

Your job as a Sales Leader is to leverage your experience and knowledge to drive your team's revenue performance. Our job is to equip you with the tools to make it easy.

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