Two-minute masterclass: Leveraging integrations for maximum revenue results

Two-minute masterclass: Leveraging integrations for maximum revenue results cover

Welcome to the 2-minute masterclass series for Sales Leaders.

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How Sales Leaders can leverage the power of integrations for maximum revenue results.

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Perhaps the most important reason for connecting your CRM with other core business applications is that new customer data is continually coming in from several different sources, and it is constantly being updated. With thousands of potential apps available for integration, how do you know which ones will actually help you maintain the data you need and ensure ongoing momentum for revenue generation?

Here are three types of integrations you need to leverage for maximum sales performance:

First – Integrate with desktop productivity tools like Outlook or Gmail so you can send emails and set up meetings, knowing every prospect interaction that happens outside your CRM is also automatically tracked inside your CRM.

Second – You need to be integrating your Outlook or Gmail data with other external applications, like social media, so that you can connect that information with activity tracking data from your CRM. This enables crucial reporting on things like Leading Indicators – which are early-stage activities and also the best indicators of eventual sales success.

Third – Integrate with external applications, such as support ticketing, customer success management, or marketing automation platforms, that help you support your customers in driving their own revenue. The combined data can create unified workflows, as well as better reports and dashboards to help you grow your business.

“Your CRM software should be the command center for your business," explains Alex Ackermans, 20-year software developer and VP Engineering at Maximizer. “Integrations play an integral role in giving you the information you need to achieve more sales efficiently.”

Your job as a Sales Leader is to leverage your experience and knowledge to drive your team's revenue performance. Our job is to equip you with the tools to make it easy.

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