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What is CRM?…

What is CRM Software?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management Software is a tool that empowers you and your sales team to have successful interactions and communication with customers, prospects, suppliers and business partners, leading to increased sales revenues, marketing return on investment and business productivity.

CRM operates at the heart of your business, using people, processes and technology to gain insights into customer and prospect behaviour, opening the door to improved customer service, and identifying new cross‐sell and upsell opportunities. It also helps you streamline your sales and marketing processes, and drives informed decision making throughout your organization.

Who benefits from CRM?

Who benefits from CRM Software?

Everyone across every industry benefits – customers, partners, organizations and their employees. Sales, marketing, customer service and management reap the biggest rewards, no matter the industry, size of company, or whether you’re a business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) or channel focused organization.

Benefits of CRM…

Why You Need CRM Software

CRM is a business strategy with far reaching benefits – not only does it give every department and individual a real‐time, holistic view of a client or prospect, it also fosters a collaborative environment where employees share knowledge and insight.

In short, CRM helps you focus on generating high quality leads, closing sales, implementing highly targeted marketing campaigns and delivering exceptional customer service. Building a deeper understanding of every client helps you anticipate and respond to their unique needs – all within a software application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime via desktop, mobile and tablet.

The key to successful CRM…

The Key to Successful CRM Deployment

It’s ultimately the people using the CRM solution that make the difference, so it’s essential to include key stakeholders and end users in the software evaluation, selection and implementation process. If they’re not involved, adoption will stall and quite possibly fail. User and management training around the benefits of using your new CRM and how to leverage the tools and analytics it delivers, helps ensure buy‐in across your entire company. Introduced successfully, CRM can motivate users, improve processes and decision making across your organization.

What is Cloud CRM?

A cloud CRM solution describes the deployment option where the software is accessed via a secure URL link on the web (known as the cloud). A variety of cloud‐based software solutions are offered – Cloud‐based solutions are a great choice for businesses looking for a low cost, no hassle way to use solution. Learn More about Maximizer Live CRM

What is Hosted CRM?

This deployment option enables you to host your CRM database on your own servers, with a partner or with an existing cloud provider. This gives you the flexibility to decide on the level of CRM functionality you need (e.g. sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service case management, business analytics, and pricing).

Is CRM right for you?…

Is CRM Software For You?

Every business can benefit from using CRM software, from single proprietorships to global organizations. Whether you’re a local garage wanting to maintain a base of loyal customers by alerting them that their car is due for service, or a large company tracking success rates of enterprise sales opportunities, CRM is a win‐win all around, and Maximizer CRM is a proven solution with over 120,000 companies and over 1 Million users worldwide.


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