Inside the Latest Version of Maximizer CRM


Mobile CRM

Access Maximizer from any modern device, anywhere you have an internet connection. Stay connected at any time.

Deployment Options

Where you store your data is up to you - Maximizer can now be deployed in the cloud (we host it) or on premise (you host it).

Enhanced User Experience

The enhanced UI makes it simple and easy to use. It is capable of handling more of your everyday situations, benefiting your business.

Customer Info Centralized

Experience a streamlined view where everything you need is right in front of you with the new Details tab and Customer Timeline.

More Customization Than Ever

All users can now modify how key fields are displayed without the assistance of an administrator and data entry rules can be set to ensure consistency.

A Simpler CRM Experience

We've implemented numerous features that make Maximizer CRM software easier to use than ever before, even for new users.

Includes Numerous Enhancements...

  • Sales quota management
  • Opportunity monitoring
  • Web lead capture
  • Campaign ROI tracking
  • Built-in marketing reports
  • Quick search
  • Customer timeline
  • and more

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Presenting MaxAdvantage

Our Cloud customers are always using the latest and greatest CRM but On-Premise users may go 5 or more years without upgrading to avoid associated costs. MaxAdvantage is an annual subscription that allows On-Premise users to upgrade for free, get access to support, and receive discounts on future licenses.

This immensely popular service is required for the first year upon purchasing a new license but holds so much value that the vast majority of companies decide to renew. Learn more here.

Ongoing Product Updates

MaxAdvantage customers receive free product updates to the latest release.

Loyalty Discounts

When your company grows MaxAdvantage customers benefit from valuable savings on additional new user licenses.

Customer Support Services

Maximizer experts are there to give you the help you need and provide technical expertise.

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