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The Opportunity Viewer (or “Opps Viewer” as we like to call it) is a powerful visual tool for Sales Leaders and an inspiring productivity tool for sales reps.

Based on the Japanese organizational “Kanban” concept, the Opps Viewer affords the invaluable principals of transparency of work, real-time communication, and productivity flow. Specifically, Opps Viewer allows Sales Leaders to see the aggregated view of all opportunities in the company funnel, dive into pipeline activity and progress for individual reps, and continually fine tune strategic direction based on trends.

Maximizer Opps Viewer

Better Visuals. Better Questions. Better Results.

With the right insights at hand, managers can now easily answer those basic pipeline questions including:

  • How many opportunities do we have in the funnel right now?
  • Who owns them and when is the predicted close date?
  • What is our revenue potential/forecast (weighted or otherwise)?

More importantly, the manager can ask better questions of their reps, including:

  • Which deals are most likely to close (and how can I help)?
  • Which deals are stalled (and what should be done)?
  • Are the rep’s daily activities sufficient to bring in new opportunities and facilitate current ones to close?

The ability to see your sales rep’s pipeline – visually represented according to your company’s sales phases – can help both manager and rep better facilitate deals through to close. The manager is now able to quickly assess the landscape of opportunities in play, drill down, and extract information about deal progression. Opps Viewer lends power not only to improved tracking, but better monitoring, mentoring, and coaching as you work with reps to turn opportunities into real revenue.

The third and final set of questions asks “what’s working” so you can leverage what is working and fix what isn’t:

  • Where in our process are deals most likely to stall?
  • What types of leads entering our funnel have the best chance of closing?
  • Who is closing deals the fastest and what activities support this?
  • Who is exceeding their quotas and how can others learn from them?

Ultimately, Opps Viewer is all about actionable insight – and we’re excited to show you how. Learn more and let us show you more with a personalized demo.

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