Maximizer’s New Quota Tracker – Tell Me More!

Maximizer’s New Quota Tracker – Tell Me More! cover

Maximizer has been in the sales-driven CRM business for over 30 years. What has been around even longer? Sales quotas! Do we all love them? Maybe. Do we all need them?  If you’re a Sales Leader in charge of generating revenue for your company, near impossible to live without.

We get it. We also know that quotas, in isolation, do not a successful Sales Leader (or team) make. There’s so much more to it than plugging in the numbers and triggering the starting gun.

Introducing Quota Tracker

At first blush, its back to basics. And that is by design. If quotas are but one tool in your Sales Leader belt (and we believe they should be), we aim to keep it simple and easy to use. Step 1: Set your quotas to support your financial targets. Step 2: Break it down by rep and interval (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Again – quotas are as old as trade and commerce itself. No need to reinvent the baker’s wagon wheel here.

The BEST thing about quotas? Smashing through them!

If we are being honest, quotas are not just about accountability, but they are also about the “bare minimum.” Moreover, most quota reporting happens after a sales period has come to a close. If you’ve met targets, great. If you haven’t, it’s too late now to do anything about it.

Our goal for you, the Sales Leader, is two-fold. We want to arm you with a CRM that actively manages your sales reps behavior and activities (aka their leading indicators) so that you can:

  1. Generate a forecast that reflects the actual results at the end of your quarter (Can you imagine? Crazy, right?) and,
  2. Export those sales reports and show your higher ups that you and your team are consistently smashing through those quota bare minimums.

Quotas have a time and place in every sales organization. You need them, we need them. The Maximizer difference is ensuring you have the sales management tools at the front end to ensure those quotas (and the quota-smashing) are manifesting as you want and need them to.

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