Maximizer’s New Timeline Feature – Tell Me More!

Introducing Maximizer’s new Timeline – another great feature bringing “peace” to the frustrated Sales Leader! “Timeline” is a consolidated view of ALL sales activity. From calls made to emails sent, documents created to meetings booked, you now have a window into everything your sales reps are up to – all in one spot!

Take charge of the front end – Activity Metrics

When assessing productivity, Sales Leaders look at 1) Activities – what the reps are doing, 2) Conversions – the quantifiable opportunities, and 3) Outcomes – what closes and why.
Sales is all about human behavior. And it all starts with Activities. Maximizer’s Timeline feature gives you an unprecedented window into the day-to-day of your sales reps (heck, hour-to-hour if you want!).
Be a (Sales) Leader, not a Lagger

Lagging indicators have a place in sales performance, but if you’re always focused on the rear-view mirror, you wont successfully navigate the hazards ahead.

When it comes to proactively managing outcomes before they happen, examining reps’ activities as leading indicators will pave the path to increased sales! Unlike other CRMs that focus what sales reps have already done (i.e. lagging indicators), Maximizer’s new Timeline puts the spotlight on leading indicators: what your salespeople ARE doing or are GOING to do!

Structure for Sales Success

With Maximizer’s new Timeline feature, no more “ifs, ands, or buts.” In addition to proactive sales coaching, opportunity focus & course-correction, Timeline gives Sales Leaders structured and aggregated measurement for sales performance. From numbers of meetings booked to volume of calls made, Sales Leaders have the ability to track against exactly what they’ve asked their sales reps to do.

The happy by-product of course is helping salespeople to better understand expectations and, ultimately, reach their most profitable outcomes – for themselves and for the company.


Moreover, the leading indicators then become the best predictors of revenue potential, resulting in more accurate forecasting.

And last but not least, Maximizer’s new Timeline is a ubiquitous feature that delivers results regardless of how much or little you’ve customized our platform to your own sales process.
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