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15 Ways to Take Advantage of Your New Customer Journey

We’re excited that so many of you have already signed up to our 15 Day Programme: The New Customer Journey!As I introduced in my first blog last week, the emails that you – as valued participants in our Programme – will receive each week are designed to steer you through the course of the programme to help to bring your sales and marketing approach firmly into line with the demands and expectations of the modern, digital-first customer. Each email gives you access to great tools and information that will set you on the path to business growth.

So, this week we address a fundamental question: what is the New Customer Journey and why is it so important?

Ultimately, it is about understanding your customers in the digital age. It’s about adapting to the changing way that they are behaving, and it’s about your company acknowledging that the journey they take from initial interest in your products and services to the point of purchase has changed radically in the last five years.

This journey used to be relatively predictable and linear; the supplier took control, pushing out information and promotion to generate leads. But in our hyper-connected world, it’s the buyer who’s in charge. Increasingly, your prospects put their faith in online sources – peer review sites, social media and online comparison tools – rather than your sales reps. In fact, 80% of consumers seek peer referrals before making a purchase.[1]

So when customers do reach out to you, 70% of their journey to purchase is complete. What’s more, they expect high levels of personalisation and engagement in the way that you support their decision-making, not a pushy sales response. It’s imperative that your sales and marketing team embraces this trend towards engagement rather than promotion, drawing prospects to you by delivering content and advice of genuine value as opposed to the ‘hard sell’.

If you’ve not joined our 15 Day Programme yet, sign up here to access our in-depth guide to understanding the six key stages of the New Customer Journey – and how to optimise them.

You will be empowered to:

  • Build awareness through effective brand promotion;
  • Attract interest with more specific and targeted communications;
  • Support your customers’ ‘consideration’ phase by providing customer reviews and case studies to build trust in your product;
  • Seal the deal by ensuring the buying experience is exceptional and guarantee repeat business;
  • Retain customers by rewarding loyalty and maintaining relationships;
  • Create advocates – happy customers who promote your brand for you!

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Next week we’ll shed light on the practical steps that companies can take to map out their customer journeys as a basis for business growth.

[1] http://www.business2community.com/marketing/numbers-dont-lie-2016-nielsen-study-revealed-referrals-01477256#4dUOrtwdzPIqfFGF.97