Introducing Timeline and Smart Fill to Organize & Automate Your Day

Our October Cloud release focuses on organization, automation and aesthetics with new intuitive features including Timeline to track every interaction in one place and Smart Fill to automate and simplify data entry. Combined with some landmark UI enhancements, these new features will be automatically upgraded as part of your current Maximizer subscription at no additional cost and represent the foundation of our vision to enable sales professionals and their teams on a path towards excellence. Today’s sales leaders and their teams are bogged down by administrative tasks, prospecting, practicing demos and redundant data entry. We are dedicated to help cut through the fat and give back the time to do what sales professionals do best: selling and closing deals.

Introducing Timeline

Your consolidated interaction history for your clients is finally here. Grouped chronologically by month, you can now see everything you need in one place: notes, documents, emails, phone calls, appointment tasks and interactions. You can expand each item to see each its full details, filter through activity types and use the search bar to locate specific key words. Timeline will also be available in the Leads, Hotlist, Opportunities and Customer Service modules to keep your customer touchpoints organized and more accessible throughout your day.


The reporting has been updated to a Consolidated Timeline Report and will replace the previous Interactions Report. The filter option is available for filtering by user and activity type if needed. Notes, documents, and any interaction will be displayed in the Timeline report to export your sales activities so you can easily prepare for your next meeting.


New Entry Button and Dropdown for Creating Address Book Entries

Before there was a drop-down for selecting an entry type, making you click the dropdown first, then the entry type and last the new button in order to create an entry.


Now, the drop-down is shown only after clicking the New Entry Button. The purpose of this change is to show the hierarchy of the entries. The Company and Individual are at the Account level whereas Contacts are under at the Company or Individual level.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the new UI here? Just beautiful…

You’ll notice this consistent and updated look and feel for highlighting an entry across all grids and modules! We’ve also added Avatars for people in the Name column and Initial Avatars when a photo is not available.

Easily Create a New Contact

Before, you were not able to create a contact without searching for the company first. Now, go straight to adding a new contact and search for the company inside the contact creation form.


Smart Fill Makes Data Entry a Breeze

When creating a new company, just start typing their website and leave the admin to us. Watch how some company details like company name and logo will automatically populate so that entering data has never been easier. We will continue to add automation capabilities like this, stay tuned!


For our customers and partners who want a more detailed view of this release, please view our comprehensive release notes:

October 2022 Release Notes

We always value your feedback. See you next month!

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