Reasons why your support team needs their CRM User ID

The success of your practice hinges largely on strong client relationships. And while advisors may deliver exceptional client care, the quality of your service also depends on your support teams. Advisors initiate client relationships. But support staff often facilitate, helping with record-keeping, ensuring compliance, and managing communications.  

You’ve already spent lots of time & money building out your support team–which is why it makes sense investing a bit more in add-on CRM licenses for an even better return. With every team member kitted with their very own CRM user ID, you’ll reap a multitude of different operational efficiency gains. Here are highlights of what you can achieve when taking advantage of our Customer Service CRM functionality in your practice: 

Enhanced Client Experience 

With CRM access, your support staff benefit from the same single view of your customer.  They can view outstanding actions, schedule appointments, track all incoming and outgoing phone, mail and email correspondence, and highlight up-selling opportunities.

Support staff can also populate and update all those pesky fields in your database! You know those fields that you never have time for. And by updating these fields you and your assistant can then work together to mine your data and figure which clients need what services from you.  

Operational Excellence 

But your CRM goes beyond just being a place to store data; it forms the foundation of your operation, as much as your back office or trading platform does. It can automate the most simple or complex tasks and drive efficiencies across the board. With access to CRM, your support team contributes to operational excellence, ensuring processes are implemented and followed successfully.

You may share a CRM ID with your assistant to save a little money each month. But it’s hard to be organized if your to do list is a jumble of tasks without clearly defined responsibilities. But with their very own user ID, staff get segregated task lists, letting them know exactly what task they need to work on and when–and with whom to spend their time. 

With separate task lists, everyone can be more efficient and it’s easier to see what work has and has not been done. This all ties into the smooth operation of your practice and forms part of your succession strategy. By staying organized, you and your team contribute to a book of business that is quantifiable, verifiable and up to date.  

Enabling Compliant Operations 

In the era of CRM2, advisors are under a lot more pressure to keep complete records. But much of the administrative burden for compliance lies with your support staff. Having access to a CRM like Maximizer CRM for Financial Advisors simplifies tracking inbound and outbound email correspondence, phone calls, tasks and appointments. With the automatic audit trail tool, your staff can pull an audit trail report in seconds. 

Having everyone with their own user ID ensures the system shows what users are responsible for a record. If you and your assistant share an ID and your practice is audited, how will the auditor know who created a record in your system? They are bound to ask questions. 

The Support Team Are Your Data Custodians 

As a CRM vendor, we can’t extol the virtues of clean and organized data enough. As they say “garbage in, garbage out.” But making sure that your book of business is always up-to-date and free of bad data can be a tiresome task when only one person is using the CRM. This is where your support team can become your data custodians. Constantly accessing your data day-in, day-out–they are best placed to monitor and manage your book of business. 

So there you have it, just four of the reasons why you should roll out CRM across your whole team. If you’ve just discovered Maximizer, take us for a test drive and start your free 30-day trial today.  

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