Stay in the know on deal flow and other essentials with Mobile notifications

Stay in the know on deal flow and other essentials with Mobile notifications cover

Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition, together with its companion Mobile App, is a powerful combo that enables Sales Leaders to better manage their time – and their teams – to drive revenue. Specifically, the Mobile App now supports push notifications that keep sales leaders in sync with their team’s key activities as they happen. Anywhere, anytime.

Mobile push notifications can prove invaluable when Sales leaders need to be kept current on large or complicated deals, for example. They can follow along with the sales process in real time and be ready to jump in on short notice. Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition provides a one-click solution for following any and all opportunities on a deal-by-deal basis.

As shown, it’s as simple as selecting the green “Follow” icon (circled in red) in the Details panel of an Opportunity.  This triggers automatic push notifications to Maximizer’s Mobile App at every change of stage in the sales process for any given/chosen opportunity. This enables sales leaders to stay fully informed on the deals that matter most to them, and proactively engage with their salesperson as needed – be it a strategy discussion, corrective action or praise for the big close.



The “Follow” feature is but one way Maximizer keeps you informed in real time. Also of great importance to Sales Leaders is the integrity and security of their most important asset – the shared database. Maximizer can send a push a notification to your Mobile App (shown here) when a user exports a large number of address book or opportunity entries. This could be an innocent part of a new marketing campaign, or perhaps the sign of a disgruntled team member helping themselves to your customer data. Either way, the savvy Sales Leader will be in the loop as it happens, and able to respond as needed.


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