MaxTips: How Sales Leaders Solve the Problem of “CRM by Spreadsheet”

MaxTips: How Sales Leaders Solve the Problem of “CRM by Spreadsheet” cover

In this article:

  • The Problem with Spreadsheet-based CRM
  • The Solution: Purpose-Built CRM for Sales
  • Key Benefits of Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition

The Problem with Spreadsheet-based CRM

If you are a Sales Leader struggling with data trapped in spreadsheet spaghetti and the ongoing nightmare of broken links, missing data, and backlog of IT help requests to help sort out the sales reports, you are painfully aware of this simple truth: sales-management-by-spreadsheets is suffocating your sales process and, thus, your ability to sell more.

Does this sound familiar?: You know opportunities are falling through the cracks faster than you can catch them. You know your reps are not following the mandated process. You sometimes think a dollar-store crystal ball would give better intel on quota attainment and revenue forecasts. And each reporting period you hold your breath, hoping that your spreadsheet soldiers will straighten up, pay attention and just do better. Like every effective sales management veteran, however, you will come to understand that in order breathe easier, you will need to discharge those spreadsheets. Once and for all.

The Solution: Purpose-Built CRM

As a starting point, you must recognize that the oxygen of every successful sales organization is in their sales process. In its simplest definition, a sales process is a defined series of structured activities for finding and qualifying opportunities, pitching solutions and, ultimately, closing deals. Moreover, a sales process exposes valuable data that can be captured and leveraged, both by sales leaders and sales reps, to both expedite the flow of the sales funnel and improve outcomes (i.e. close more deals!).  A spreadsheet, as we know, does not and cannot speak this language. In stark contrast, Maximizer walks, talks and rocks the sales process. Maximizer has decades of experience moving Sales Leaders and their teams from spreadsheets into the world of high-performance, purpose-built, sales-focused CRM.

Key Benefits of Maximizer Sales Leader Edition

“In migrating from spreadsheets to Maximizer CRM, customers soon realize the value of normalizing their sales information for a real database, because a spreadsheet is not a database,” explains Herbert Yen, Director of Global Services at Maximizer. “Both sales managers and sales reps now have this universal source of truth to help them do their jobs better, including the ability to search for any piece of information based on agreed-upon standards and naming conventions.”

Maximizer Sales Leader Edition is designed to help Sales Leaders sell smarter, sell more and sell now. Additional highlights:

  • Organize, manage and put your data to work: Maximizer Sales Leader Edition is designed to track and leverage every bit of data around your prospects and what your salespeople are actually doing to expedite them through your funnel. Layer in marketing automation and customer support capabilities – you now have 360 degree data available from day one, accessible across your organization to help you not only close more new business, but also streamline renewals and expand your base.
  • Automated Workflows: When it comes to sales, Maximizer automates critical tasks such lead management, prospect communications, sales forecasting, sales performance analysis and, once closed, customer support. Maximizer also integrates with many popular best-in-class sales and marketing automation applications to provide enhanced functionality.
  • Improved collaboration and accessibility: No more spreadsheet conflicts or locked files!  In addition to managers having visibility into all sales activity, Maximizer is designed for collaboration between multiple employees, allowing them to share information about leads and customers, and collaborate for success, no matter where they are.
  • Sales performance tracking (and intervention!): It is the middle of the quarter. Do you know what your reps are doing? What they have been doing all month? Maximizer Sales Leader Edition’s Opportunities Viewer, Quota Tracker and Activity Tracker provide powerful insights into the daily life of your sales team. Maximizer’s unique use of Leading Indicators show you who is on track, and who needs a coaching session.
  • Sales Intelligence: Maximizer Sales Leader Edition includes Sales Intelligence, a potent reporting and analytics engine that provides Sales Leaders instant insight into their entire sales process — from top line revenue and funnel breakdowns to individual sales rep performance.
  • Easy migration: However simple or complex your spreadsheets are, Maximizer's in-house Professional Services team can help guide your data-readiness preparations and have your users up and running – and selling – quickly.

Read more about how Maximizer Sales Leader Edition provides Sales Leaders with the right tools to manage their teams and sell more. Now.

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