Set Your Team Up for Success with a CRM – Integrated Playbook

Set Your Team Up for Success with a CRM - Integrated Playbook cover

Maximizer Sales Leader Edition now has a new feature called the ‘Playbook’ that increases sales team productivity and coaching effectiveness by prompting salespeople with your company’s specific and selling-stage-appropriate tips, tools and resources. Whether it’s videos, presentations, price lists, documents, templates or, well, you name it, Maximizer’s Playbook feature helps you leverage your custom, curated collections in two ways: to improve and accelerate the onboarding experience of a new salesperson, and to support ongoing sales coaching for all team members, at every step of your sales process.

As a sales leader, you know that onboarding new salespeople is a critical but nonetheless time consuming and thus expensive process. Maximizer’s Playbook is the perfect tool for creating an in-app, one-stop shop to reference all of your onboarding materials used during the onboarding process, and thereafter for ongoing sales success. And, because the links to your content are stored centrally in Maximizer, every salesperson has access to the same materials, which are version-controlled and easy to find.

The big win here is a streamlined and consistent onboarding process, which saves time and money. From day one, it reinforces for new salespeople the requirement to use company-approved sales materials, within the company-standard CRM …with the added benefit of a continuing studies environment as your products evolve and specs change – making salespeople more productive and helping them sell more.

As shown here, it’s easy to add and manage content links. In this case, the Sales Lead stage is used as an example. Once created, your team will have immediate access to a tight and easily navigable collection of links.

As Sales Leaders and their team members manage deals through your sales process, Coaching Setup provides a way to offer sharply focused, stage-specific resources and coaching materials. Sales Leaders have unparalleled support as they engage one-on-one with their team members, and salespeople can self-coach to further hone their skills as they move deals from lead generation through to contracted and closed. Playbook continuously makes the right resources available at the right time, helping salespeople sell more, and sell faster.

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