MaxTips: A Guide to Leading Indicators

MaxTips: A Guide to Leading Indicators cover

An Informed Sales Leader is an Empowered Sales Leader

Sales Leaders know that if they are in the dark on what their salespeople are up to, they are powerless to track or help improve their odds to win. Revenue-obsessed sales leaders need to be fully informed on metrics that monitor progress. And if you want to cross the finish line with the results you need, you must get a good look under the hood on sales activity.

Leading indicators empower Sales Leaders by providing the always-on insights needed for coaching conversations and performance improvement – and do so in real time, to enable a change in behavior's and influence those quarterly results. Specifically, leading Indicators show movement towards an objective, demonstrate compliance with a sales process, and are specifically designed to provide managers with the early warning signs of performance problems. So not only do you need to look under the hood of your CRM, but you also need to know what to look for.

Rev the Engine

Is your sales team revving up their activity volume to generate leads and qualify them? Common top-of-funnel, activity-based leading indicators include their number of calls, appointments, and chats as well as documents produced, notes taken, and quotes delivered. If you’ve provided your team with a CRM that makes it easy for them to log these activities, you’ll have the data you need for meaningful, fact-based coaching discussions and/or praise and recognition. Maximizer’s Activity Tracker provides such a tool and shows you not only what activities your salespeople have completed, but also what they are scheduled to do.


Is your team racing to win, or spending all their time the pits? Are they focused on your Ideal Customer Profile? Does your CRM show the current number of opportunities and the weighted/unweighted value of the entire sales pipeline and each deal it contains? The greased lightening here is the ability to track the leads that are most worth pursuing. Sales is an expensive endeavor. Sales Leaders, and their salespeople, need to know likelihood of seeing a good return on the time and effort of any given deal. Maximizer’s Opps Viewer exposes deals that are stalled or neglected, and provides a platform for playbook-driven account strategy discussions.

Get into the “Lead”

Finally, how are your salespeople doing to both pull ahead and keep things moving swiftly through their individual and team funnels? Maximizer’s Sales Intelligence capability helps Sales Leaders get deeper into their team’s sales actual performance compared to targets. This means looking at your conversion and closing ratios to help you compare your leading indicators with historical results. In addition, Sales Leaders can analyze deals currently in progress, compare quota attainment metrics, track and measure pipeline breakdown, and see a cross section view of the pipeline by salesperson, team, region, or product for more advanced forecasting.

Sales performance management is challenging! Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition informs managers with intuitive, on-demand visibility into sales team performance.

The edition’s most powerful feature – the use of Leading Indicators – reveals progress towards your revenue objectives, ensures unwavering adherence to a sales process, and is meticulously crafted to equip managers with the foresight into performance challenges.

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