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Take the Guesswork out of your Strategy

BY Diego Lunardi, Head Of Business Development - EMEA
September 28, 2017

Take the Guesswork out of your StrategyYou are in business to make a profit. Can you reliably tell which customers are helping fulfil that goal? You have probably identified the customers that interact with you most frequently, but does their frequency realistically mean they will bring you profit?

The reality is that not all customers are created equal; in fact, some require such significant support that they can rapidly eat into your profitability or even generate a loss.

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Financial Education & Millennials – Laying the foundations for potential clients

BY Niall Auburn, Marketing Specialist - CRM Wealth Manager
September 27, 2017

Millennials are a trending topic for Financial Advisors – for good reason. They are slated to become the biggest demographic in history and hold the keys to tomorrow’s wealth. Yet while millennials are set to succeed in the workforce, with the highest levels of educational attainment ever, a recent study published by the National Endowment of Financial Education and George Washington University found they lacked financial capability. Only eight percent of surveyed millennials showed high levels of financial knowledge, while just a quarter (24 percent) demonstrated a basic understanding of how to manage their money.

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How Social Media Can Help Businesses Steer Clear of Debts

BY Isabella Rossellini - Guest Blogger
September 26, 2017

How Social Media Can Help Businesses Steer Clear of DebtsSocial media plays a vital role in the way companies communicate with their target audiences and with each other. Over 3 billion people use the internet, and over 2 billion are currently using some form of social networking channel. Most businesses start out on a line of credit or a business loan. To exact the most of each business opportunity that comes your way, you need to make the most of your social media marketing efforts as well. If you are currently running an online business without a social media presence, you are missing out on the lion's share of business profits.

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Addressing The Need To Change And Getting The Very Best From Your Teams

BY Mike Richardson, Managing Director - EMEA
September 21, 2017

Addressing The Need To Change And Getting The Very Best From Your TeamsA 5 Tip guide to team buy-in

Your business may recognise the need to change, embrace new processes or implement a cutting edge piece of equipment or software. As much as the need for change is acknowledged, it’s possible you may find your biggest challenge is getting company-wide buy-in. Resistance to change can be due to numerous reasons, but the underlying explanation is often connected to emotions. Perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown, apprehension that the change will result in a loss of position or control, shifting priorities, apprehension over having to learn new systems or the secret worry about appearing inept. Other areas of concern could be that the change will bring a greater workload or staff have had previous experiences where poor execution caused turmoil.

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Why Should You Back Up Corporate Data for The Security of Your Company Information?

BY Sujain Thomas - Guest Blogger
September 19, 2017

Why Should You Back Up Corporate Data for The Security of Your Company Information?When it comes to your business, you will find that your data and information are constantly at risk and under threat. There are thousands of hackers out there with malicious intent, eager to break into your system and seize sensitive data. You should be cautious and prepared to tackle such unscrupulous individuals and protect your computer and IT systems from cyber security attacks. It is here that you need professionals that are experienced and adept in fighting cybercrimes, to ensure your data is free from intrusion from every angle.

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5 Reasons Why Attending An Event Moves You From Credible To Incredible

BY Amanda Stockhill - Content Specialist EMEA
September 14, 2017

5 Reasons Why Attending An Event Moves You From Credible To Incredible“Everything I have ever learnt in life I learnt from social media” said nobody, ever. Whilst we live in connected, information rich times, there is only so much you can learn from reading blogs and white papers. Interaction, the pooling of experience and ideas: that’s where motivation, inspiration and innovation can be helped to grow.

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How to make the most of your startup marketing budget

BY Nick Rojas - Guest Blogger
September 12, 2017

How to make the most of your startup marketing budgetMoney is often tight in a startup - with 82% of initial funds usually coming from the business owner and their immediate network of friends and family. And when so many startups fail to make it past the first few years, every dollar spent counts!

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Segment for success

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
September 7, 2017

Segment for successData. Your company collects it, stores it. You have lots of it because as every business knows, it’s a vital asset. However, all this storing, saving, collating, collecting customer data serves no purpose unless it is used to assist and improve customer engagement, business decisions, processes and growth. – How can you monetise your data? One word: segmentation.

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Use These Tips And Services To Outsource Your Content

BY Mary Walton - Guest Blogger
September 5, 2017

Use These Tips And Services To Outsource Your ContentContent is indeed king these days, and that means you need to be posting content regularly on your own site. However, you may not be able to create your own content in house. You may not have the staff or the time to craft something great. That's why outsourcing content creation is becoming so popular. Here's some tips and services you can use to hire the best writers and get the best content possible.

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Catch and keep prospects

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
August 31, 2017

Catch and keep prospectsGrowing competition has forced businesses to become more and more creative in their attempts to capture the imagination of the buying audience. As imaginative as sales tactics are, they have revolved around one very simple principle: a strong promotional sales message with the aim of a prospect talking to a salesperson leading to a purchase.

Yet in recent times, the sales model has undergone a radical change. Customers have access to multiple sources of information to conduct their own research before they buy, rather than the traditional route of seeking advice from a brand’s sales team.

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Avoid Bankruptcy With Business Debt Settlement Experts

BY Trudy Seeger - Guest Blogger
August 29, 2017

Avoid Bankruptcy With Business Debt Settlement ExpertsBankruptcy: the nightmare that every business owner fears. If you do not have an effective debt management strategy or plan for your company, you are vulnerable to the threats of insolvency. It is crucial for you to ensure that you take the appropriate steps and measures to avert bankruptcy and never allow your business to stray onto that path. Large organizations have departments and trained staff that deal with business debt management. However, small to medium scale businesses often lack the experience and skilled manpower to manage their cash flow. Most of the time, the owners of the firm are not financial experts themselves and can make hasty decisions, which can be detrimental to the financial health of the business.

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Map Your Customer Journey to Increase Lead Conversion

BY Tom Jager - Guest Blogger
August 22, 2017

Map Your Customer Journey to Increase Lead ConversionIncreasing the number of conversions requires increasing the quality of interactions between the customers and the business. This is a simple law that works perfectly in modern online business. To ensure the law is followed, businesses try their best to provide a cohesive customer journey.

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Practical Applications of CRM During the Financial Advice Lifecycle

BY John Easton, Director of Wealth Management
August 16, 2017

Practical Applications of CRM During the Financial Advice Lifecycle

Most clients follow a fairly predictable life pattern, which informs the sort of financial advice & services you provide. They get an education, buy their first car and first home. They have children. They buy a bigger home and retire.

But your book of business is full of clients, and their spouses and children—all at different life stages. It's a logistical nightmare trying to keep track of everyone. Unless you acquire some technological assistance.  

That's why people buy a CRM like *ahem* Maximizer CRM for Financial Advisors. It automates a whole range of work processes, helping you meet your clients' changing needs. 

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Reasons why your support team needs their CRM User ID

BY John Easton, Director of Wealth Management
August 9, 2017

Reasons why your support team needs their CRM User ID

The success of your practice hinges largely on strong client relationships. And while advisors may deliver exceptional client care, the quality of your service also depends on your support teams. Advisors initiate client relationships. But support staff often facilitate, helping with record-keeping, ensuring compliance, and managing communications.  

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Do You Want To See Yourself In Print?

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
August 8, 2017

Do you want to see yourself in print? Imagine increasing sales by 29%. Picture the ability to improve productivity. Visualise simplifying the necessary daily grunt tasks. Is this business Nirvana? Interestingly, all of those statements are the genuine benefits a company can experience when they implement a Customer Relationship Management solution (CRM). Better still, CRM isn’t a stand-alone option that brings automation and efficacy to just one part of a business. CRM can benefit every single department by uniting marketing, finance, sales, logistics and customer service. With all those proven advantages, the opportunity to write reams of positive articles on this subject are endless.

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