Next Level Sales Requires Next Level CRM: Four Maximizer features that help you Sell. More. Now.

Next Level Sales Requires Next Level CRM: Four Maximizer features that help you Sell. More. Now. cover

Maximizer is filled with powerful features that help sales leaders and their teams stay connected to prospects, ensure there are no missed opportunities to make that next pitch, build pipeline momentum and manage both time and calendars for an optimized day of selling. We’ll review here Maximizer’s Actions, Appointments, Notifications and Calendar features.

Stay Relentlessly Connected

For a salesperson of action, Maximizer’s Actions feature empowers you to easily – and continually -create follow-up activities to increase prospect engagement. And good follow up is about customizing it to your sales process and/or what the very next steps look like to move that prospect forward. Whether you need to make a call, write an email, schedule a meeting, or any number of follow up tasks…staying relentlessly connected means maintaining deal velocity with each and every prospect. It’s all at your fingertips to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Book That Next Meeting

Using Maximizer’s Appointments feature means you’ll never miss an opportunity to tell your story and demonstrate your value. Better service both your would-be and existing clients with comprehensive agenda-setting scheduling. No missed entries in a spreadsheet, never buried in a notebook or lost as fly-away post it notes. What’s more, Maximizer forges an informed sales team, where there is full transparency. For appointments – everyone can see who is meeting which prospects, and when.

Build Momentum

Maximizer’s Notifications feature reminds you of the important things, namely those action items you set for yourself. Alerts are baked right in – letting you know exactly what you need to do, and when. A steady stream of “alarms” helps you to keep pushing deals through the pipeline – like clockwork – until they’re closed! And because Maximizer is functionally fast, use of these automation features will soon become second nature and indispensable to your new-found productivity.

Own Your Calendar

Whatever happens with your opportunities will then feed into your Calendar feature. With Maximizer it’s all linked, enabling punctuality with intelligent calendaring in particular. Furthermore, Maximizer seamlessly integrates with top platforms including Outlook and Gmail so you can further leverage the productivity tools you already know and love. And finally, keep track of what the rest of your team is doing, which includes oversight and transparency in calendars.

Like a rock star personal assistant, Maximizer provides that one, central source of truth for your sales data and activities. Unlike other CRMs, Maximizer excels at proving tremendous depth – but right at surface. Your finite time to be selling is now optimized because you are not spinning your wheels to just ‘keep track’ of it all.

Learn more about these and other game-changing CRM features – book a personalized demo or take a self-guided product tour today.

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