MaxTips: Tracking Leading Indicators with Sales Intelligence

MaxTips: Tracking Leading Indicators with Sales Intelligence cover

Does this sound familiar? – You’re a Sales Leader in charge of a busy sales environment. Your sales process seems to be working because deals *are* closing… but there is something missing. A disconnect. And you’re now asking, “Why don’t my forecasts match the real numbers?” and “What is my sales team actually doing to achieve success?”

Which begs the most important question, “How do I harness what’s working and scale it?!”

Introducing Maximizer Sales Intelligence – a compelling new feature released with our new Sales Leader Edition. This new capability provides a deeper look at what your sales reps are really up to. We’re talking about leading indicators:

  • Activity Metrics: includes number (and timeline) of emails sent, calls made & meetings booked and (drum roll), number of opportunities generated.
  • Conversion Metrics: includes deal stage progression, win rates and, (if you’re in the life-time-customer game) renewal rates.
  • Outcome Metrics: Now we’re talking, because it all leads to this – the averages for lead time response, sales cycle time and deal size. Helpful here, too, are customer acquisition costs, slipped pipeline and customer lifetime value*.

Not only does Sales Intelligence provide the relevant data to match rep activity against predetermined goals, but it also provides meaningful insight on pipeline health and conversion rates. Ultimately, Sales Intelligence is about having a window into what your sales reps are actually doing, aggregating the data over time, and do more of what’s working (and less of what isn’t).

Quick Tips:

  • Don’t overload your dashboard. You want a basic window into your objectives, enabling measurement of your planned sales, committed sales, and overall objectives.
  • Choose a quantitative sales process. Lead driven to opportunity stage forecasting, historical to multivariable – they all have advantages over a qualitative (and thus subjective) analysis.
  • Stay the course! With proper monitoring of sales rep activity, forecasting accuracy will increase over time. The key benefit to Maximizer’s latest, out-of-the-box Sales Intelligence dashboards and reports is having that magnifying glass into sales rep activity and using it to shape real-time coaching and decision making.

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