MaxTips: Maximizer’s Integrations for the Sales Leader

MaxTips: Maximizer’s Integrations for the Sales Leader cover

Are you connecting your CRM to your business apps?

In the world of sales CRM, integrations are about connecting two or more separate types of software used by sales teams that, when combined, enable sales reps to elevate their productivity and catapult them toward their sales goals. The ability to seamlessly exchange your CRM data with other best-in-class applications helps you and your sales team sell smarter, sell faster and sell more.

With Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition, the big win is that not only are our integrations best-in-class, but they are also the platforms that sales teams already use, know and love. From email platforms like Outlook and Gmail, to prospect/customer engagement tools like Calendly and Twilio, these popular and familiar applications are adopted and embraced with great enthusiasm by sales reps.

Drive Sales Team Performance With Maximizer Integrations

  • Streamlined workflows: Maximizer reduces the time and effort required to complete tasks. For example, an integration with a best-in-class quote management software increases sales productivity by drawing (automatically!) on customer contact data stored in Maximizer. Generate a new quote from an existing template, attach it to an opportunity, send it to the customer and track its progress, including changes, all the way to close.
  • Improved reporting and analytics: Maximizer integration with a survey tool, for example, can provide insights into customer perceptions that can be used to improve products, create new marketing messages, and shape the overall customer experience.
  • Data management: Maximizer integrates with cloud storage services, for example, can make standardized documents and templates available to everyone on your team, all the time, from anywhere.
  • Enhanced functionality: Maximizer’s base functionality is extended to include and augment other capabilities such as marketing automation, email campaign management, and social media management.

More About Maximizer Integrations

Learn more about Maximizer’s long and growing collection of integrations with leading productivity, sales and specialized marketing automation, cloud document storage and communications applications.

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