MaxTips: How Sales Leaders and Reps Use Activity Tracker for a Win-Win

MaxTips: How Sales Leaders and Reps Use Activity Tracker for a Win-Win cover

Activity Tracker is a powerful feature in Maximizer Sales Leader Edition that enables Sales Leaders to drill down and see a real-time list of communication activities (notably – and uniquely – including those that are Leading Indicators) for each individual sales rep. While managers can certainly look at past activity, the real value here is looking at your sales rep’s current activities and/or their planned activities, to see what they are up to right now. In other words, you can see exactly what they are doing and predict what they are going to do, vs. what they’ve already done.

From calls, appointments, and chats, to documents, notes and quotes, Sales Leaders can filter a manager’s view by individual salesperson, or by any or all of these activities. With Maximizer, activities are shown with intuitive at-a-glance indicators: green for complete and red for overdue, making it is easy to see exactly where thing are going well, and where they are not.

Key Benefits of Activity Tracker for Sales Leaders

The most significant benefit of Activity Tracker for the Sales Leader is that it provides an always-on, up-to-date diagnostic tool for emerging sales performance problems. Its about receiving real-time insight, to coach and correct for better sales outcomes.

Consider this example:

It’s Monday morning and you are reviewing your team’s new opportunities in Maximizer’s Opportunity Viewer. You notice that one of your rep’s funnels has plenty in the leads area of your sales process, but these leads are not advancing to the qualified bucket. This could mean that the rep is simply not keeping their sales activities up to date in Maximizer, which is an easy coaching call. But, more alarmingly, perhaps the rep is not following your sales process, that (for example) requires that all new leads receive an email from their assigned salesperson within a certain number of days.

Not following the established sales process (however you’ve defined it for your organization) will undoubtedly have a negative impact on top line revenue. In the above example, it’s a clear coaching call that must happen right away, before those leads die on the vine.

Whether simply correcting someone’s failure to update records, or identifying a more serious gap in sales abilities, Sales Leaders are now armed with irrefutable sales progress data, which in turn arms them with better coaching information. Undeniably, the opportunity for an early intervention is far better than having to do a post-mortem on a dismal month’s results.

Key Benefit of Activity Tracker for Sales Reps

The use of Leading Indicators and the related reporting and analysis capabilities uniquely position Maximizer Sales Leader Edition as the clear CRM tool of choice for managers and executives accountable for revenue generation. However, salespeople have just as much to gain as the managers to whom they report.

Activity Tracker helps reps schedule, complete and ramp up their sales activities. Not only will they have better success as result, but that success and their corresponding efforts will be fully visible to their manager. Put another way, it’s less time spent “explaining” what you are doing to sell more and freeing up your time to actually sell more. Everybody wins.

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