MaxTips: Generative AI plus Human Expertise Equals Sales Success

MaxTips: Generative AI plus Human Expertise Equals Sales Success cover

MaxAI increases sales team efficiency by identifying relevant discussion questions in seconds.

Maximizer’s award-winning CRM now includes MaxAI: artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the first AI-based feature incorporated into Maximizer. The guiding principle behind MaxAI is to leave salespeople firmly in control of what AI produces while making the power of AI easy to access. Supported by MaxAI, salespeople can save time on routine tasks, giving them more time to build relationships and sell more.

Getting Started with MaxAI

In Maximizer, the first experience our customers will experience MaxAI is in the Opps Viewer which shows a snapshot of every opportunity in the sales funnel. The Playbook feature in Opps Viewer provides easily configured information at each stage of the sales cycle in the form of links to documents, videos, presentations, and other sites. MaxAI takes sales enablement a giant step further by extending Playbook to provide a time saving generative AI assistant for salespeople.

How MaxAI Powers Sales Conversations

Using a simple interface, shown below, salespeople interact with the MaxAI assistant to specify the sales stage, the product being sold and the industry. MaxAI then generates specific, relevant questions and discussion points that can be exported for editing or copied into any type of document. Research that could have taken hours now takes seconds – a huge productivity win for busy salespeople.

"At Maximizer, we firmly believe that sales is a business of people. Our mission with MaxAI is to empower sales professionals, not replace them," said Iain Black, CEO at Maximizer. "The introduction of MaxAI marks a significant shift in the CRM landscape, as we leverage AI to support and elevate the skills of authentic and capable sales teams."

To experience the game-changing power of MaxAI and transform your sales approach, visit for more information.

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