Global Software Pioneer Maximizer Announces Strategic Product Shift to Specifically Target Revenue Leaders

Maximizer 2023 Announcement

Company deploying largest-ever investment to refine 35-year-old product strategy

NEWS RELEASE: Vancouver, December 12, 2022 – Maximizer, a global pioneer in the world of Customer Relationship Management software, announced this week a new “Editions” product strategy for its cloud offerings, and the related release of the first product – Maximizer Sales Leader Edition, which is focused on the specific needs of those managers and executives responsible for revenues, and the specialized challenges in monitoring and coaching their sales people to sustained success. “With the thousands of CRM offerings out there wanting to be all things to all people, the needs of sales teams and their leaders have increasingly been neglected. Complex and expensive CRM solutions simply do not reflect the specific pressures and demands of their roles,” said Iain Black, President & CEO. “Combining our deep knowledge of both traditional CRM technology and the blend of ‘science and art’ that comprises sales expertise, we are now uniquely positioned to help solve the problems of those people tasked with the crucial and specialized mandate to deliver revenue: the Sales Leaders.” Maximizer Sales Leader Edition boasts new, actionable insight for Sales VPs who are accountable for revenue performance. The new cloud product’s simple value proposition involves going ‘Beyond a typical CRM.’ That is, it offers all the expected features and functions that are now commonplace in the industry, but additionally includes the ability to closely monitor, analyze and report on leading (vs. lagging) indicators of sales team and sales rep activity. This unique, predictive analysis can then be used to coach sales reps and reassess their actions on a targeted, priority basis. Additionally, the company announced the formation of two councils to ensure its new product strategy fulfills its missions: A Customer Advisory Council to capture direct feedback from Maximizer’s customers; as well as a Sales Leadership Council, comprised of international experts in the fields of selling, coaching and CRM implementation, to continuously enhance Maximizer’s unique perspective and deep expertise in the art and science of selling.

About Maximizer Maximizer is a Vancouver-based, CRM SaaS provider, celebrating 35 years as global software pioneer. Maximizer is part of the Concord Group of Companies, a privately held collection of diverse, global interests. Over the past 25 years the Concord Group of Companies has established an international leadership presence in industry sectors including residential real estate development, software and information technology, telecommunications, as well as green energy, delivering projects in solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation.

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