Automate Your Workflow with Maximizer’s Zapier Integration – no coding required.

Automate Your Workflow with Maximizer’s Zapier Integration - no coding required. cover

About Zapier Integrations

A challenge faced by many sales leaders is keeping track of data across applications that do not communicate with each other. Maximizer solves this problem by integrating directly with Zapier, a service that provides pre-built integrations between thousands of business applications. If Zapier supports your application, you can connect it to Maximizer.

Three Key Benefits for Sales Leaders

1. Increase Productivity by Automating Workflows

Connecting Maximizer to your existing applications with Zapier automates manual workflows, reduces errors, and improves sales outcomes.

Consider a typical manual workflow: a social media ad response triggers an email to a sales assistant who manually creates a lead in Maximizer, assigns it to a salesperson, sets a follow-up reminder, adds the prospect’s email address to a mailing list, and finally sends a welcome email. All these actions are time-consuming and vulnerable to errors.

With an automated workflow enabled by Zapier and Maximizer, all the manual steps can be combined into a single, automated script called a Zap using a plain English, code-free tool. By automating repetitive tasks, Maximizer’s integration with Zapier helps managers make the most of scarce sales resources and dramatically reduces data errors.

2. Increase Sales

With Zapier automation, time spent on manual tasks such as transferring data from one application to another can be used to nurture new leads, build relationships, and win more deals.

Automation also increases response times. Sales leaders know that the best time to connect with a prospect is when they have initiated contact and their interest is high. Thoughtful automation can respond to new customers instantly, while simultaneously prompting the sales team to engage.

3. Reduce Costs

Sales leaders can reduce training and administrative costs by continuing to use the applications that are already part of their sales process and automating manual steps with Maximizer and Zapier. Automated workflows with Zapier can be implemented quickly and inexpensively, avoiding costly custom software development projects.

To save time and money, Maximizer has pre-built several workflows with popular applications to get you started with Zapier at no cost. To learn more, see Maximizer's Zapier Integration page to start automating your tasks and workflow to supercharge your productivity.

With Maximizer and Zapier, sales leaders can focus on streamlining tasks in their sales process so that their teams can spend time pitching customers and closing deals. And they can do it without changing the applications they already use.

Get started with Zapier today for free!

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