Vancouver, BC, Canada – June 20, 2023 – Maximizer, a pioneer in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, unveiled its latest monthly release, this one supporting the ever changing landscape of sales intelligence. This release is the next step in an ongoing series of enhancements designed to equip businesses with the right sales tools for sales leaders and their teams to drive efficiency, enhance sales performance, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Empowering Business Growth with Enhanced Quick Search

Maximizer’s latest release introduces an innovative update, transforming the way users engage with data. The enhanced Quick Search for Address Book entries provides an intuitive experience as users type their search text. The system displays matching entries in a dropdown, expertly sorted by last contacted dates. By clicking on an entry, users effortlessly add it to the Address Book entry list. The top 10 most recently contacted entries are showcased, with an option to replace the list with all search results, ensuring a comprehensive data exploration experience.

Elevating Sales Intelligence with Data Filters

Within the Sales Leader Edition, Maximizer introduces a collection of updates to Sales Intelligence, offering enriched insights to drive business success. The new 'Revenue Type' filter empowers users with a deeper understanding of revenue distribution across different types. This filter finds its place in key dashboards such as Sales Manager, Sales Reps, Sales Forecast, and Sales Overview. By visualizing revenue distribution, businesses can make more informed strategic decisions and optimize their sales strategies.

The Date Filter, an essential tool in data analysis, is now revamped for enhanced granularity. Users can now filter data by months, quarters, and years, enabling dynamic insights into business trends and patterns. The options include 'This <Date Range>', 'Next <Date Range>', and 'Last <Date Range>', ensuring that users can effortlessly access the data that matters most to them.

Aligning Sales Leaders and Teams with a new Sales Targets Dashboard

The latest release introduces an all-new Sales Targets dashboard, a powerhouse of insights designed specifically for Sales Leaders and Sales Reps. This feature enables users to monitor a spectrum of key performance indicators (KPIs) that underpin sales performance. From total opportunities created and average opportunity value to win rate, sales cycle length, and activity benchmarks, the Sales Targets dashboard empowers users with actionable data. The dashboard fosters proactive decision-making, increases sales productivity, and drives revenue growth.

"Maximizer latest release marks a significant update our customers who are seeking to elevate their sales prowess," affirmed Alex Ackermans, VP Product & Engineering at Maximizer. "The advanced features introduced in this release, from enhanced search capabilities to comprehensive sales intelligence tools, position Maximizer as a true partner in our clients' pursuit of revenue excellence."

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About Maximizer

Maximizer is a visionary leader in the CRM sector, delivering a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass SaaS, On-Premise deployment, and a feature-rich mobile app. Recognizing the intricate needs of Sales Leaders in small to midsize enterprises, Maximizer empowers businesses to monitor, assess, and coach sales teams effectively to drive revenue. By leveraging Leading Indicators and deploying Artificial Intelligence across its platform, Maximizer continues to redefine the possibilities of CRM technology.

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