Vancouver, BC, Canada – July 20, 2023 – Maximizer, a pioneer in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, announces its latest release of Maximizer. This release follows Maximizer’s cycle of continual enhancement and innovation, in this case to support better communication and productivity for sales leaders and their teams through the introduction of the innovative Native Maximizer Connect Outlook 365 application, alongside a host of other enhancements designed to empower users and elevate their CRM experience.

Consistent Communication with Native Maximizer Connect Outlook 365

The spotlight of this release shines on the Native Maximizer Connect Outlook 365 application, poised to transform how users interact with their CRM data. This innovative web-based application takes communication and productivity to new heights, providing seamless integration between Maximizer and Outlook 365.

The introduction of Native Maximizer Connect Outlook 365 amplifies communication efficiency, streamlines workflows, and elevates user engagement. Experience the future of CRM communication by installing the application from the App Directory.

Expanding Possibilities with App Directory Integrations

This latest release extends its capabilities with the inclusion of 10 new Zapier integrations and 1 new Partner integration in the App Directory. Businesses can now seamlessly integrate Maximizer with a range of applications, unlocking new avenues for enhanced productivity and growth.

Maximizer customers can explore endless possibilities of integration by visiting the App Directory:

Optimized Experience for Sales Leaders

This release enriches the Sales Leader Edition with enhanced navigation and user experience. The Opps Viewer now offers seamless card movement to columns outside the screen, while providing detailed Access Book entry insights. The Activity Tracker allows for convenient navigation of interactions and activities in the next or previous three weeks, ensuring Sales Leaders are equipped with accurate information.

Driving Data-Driven Decision-Making with Enhanced Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence receives a significant boost with revamped dashboards and enhanced backend capabilities. The system now utilizes the "Corporate Currency" for all dashboards, streamlining financial reporting. Updates to widget headers enhance data interpretation, while the Sales Reps Report aligns with the new "Revenue Targets" data.

Sales Management Dashboards also gain an important update with the replacement of the previous "Quota" widget with the dynamic "Sales Funnel". The inclusion of widgets that highlight "Won Revenue by Products" and "Won Revenue by Categories" empowers Sales Leaders with comprehensive insights into product and category-based revenue distribution.

"Maximizer latest release reaffirms our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance business communication, productivity, and decision-making," stated Alex Ackermans, VP Product & Engineering at Maximizer. "The new features and enhancements introduced in this release demonstrate our dedication to empowering businesses to reach their full potential."

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About Maximizer:

Maximizer is a visionary leader in the CRM sector, delivering a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass SaaS, On-Premise deployment, and a feature-rich mobile app. Recognizing the intricate needs of Sales Leaders in small to midsize enterprises, Maximizer empowers businesses to monitor, assess, and coach sales teams effectively to drive revenue. By leveraging Leading Indicators and deploying Artificial Intelligence across its platform, Maximizer continues to redefine the possibilities of CRM technology.

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