Maximizer Tops the Charts: Software Reviews

The Verdict is in! Maximizer Tops the Charts with Software Reviews! cover

A study released by Software Reviews – “Top Rated 2023” – has Maximizer topping the charts with scores of 100% Effectiveness and Knowledge for both our Sales Teams and our Technical Specialists! A close race with our own Customer Service Team coming in at 93% – not bad for this mighty team that serves tens of thousands of users!

“These published ratings are a true testament to the core values at Maximizer– we are Team Centered, Performance Motivated and, most of all, Customer Driven,” says Adam Wilson, VP Business Operations and Customer Success. “To be honest, one hundred percent is what we expect every day from our teams and from each other, and if it’s anything less we will instantly stop and ask, ‘how can we do better’?”

When it comes to the categories of Vendor-Client Relationships and Product Effectiveness the report’s “leading sentiments” highlights Maximizer’s integrity, reliability, security and respect.

“Since our inception over 30 years ago, Maximizer has remained a leading and trusted choice for Sales Teams,” says Iain Black, President & CEO. “The momentum of Maximizer’s new Sales Leader Edition is due in no small part to our decades of experience in – and reputation for – these top-rated categories of sales, technical support and customer service.”

Info-Tech Research Group is a technology research company producing unbiased third-party research to help companies like ours make strategic improvements and provide our clients with exceptional customer experiences.

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