Vancouver, BC, Canada – June 27, 2023 – Maximizer, a pioneer in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, as part of its commitment to continual product evolution and innovation, launched the latest release of its Sales Leader Edition cloud offering designed to further empower businesses with enhanced control and deeper insights into sales and revenue performance.

Revolutionizing Sales Insight with Enhancements to Sales Intelligence

Sales leaders are poised for improved clarity and decision-making prowess with the latest release. The updated Sales Intelligence features now allow seamless data visualization through filtering by team or owner. Sales leaders can effortlessly tailor their dashboards to focus on specific teams or individual owners, gaining insights that drive strategic actions and revenue growth.

Next-Level Insights with Enhanced Sales Overview Dashboard

Maximizer introduces a significant enhancement to the Sales Overview Dashboard. The year-over-year sales growth widget now provides a dynamic comparison between revenue growth in the current period and the previous period, further customizable by year, quarter, or month. This granular insight equips businesses with the foresight to optimize strategies, capitalize on trends, and drive consistent growth.

Taking Control of Compliance with Permission for Interaction Logs

Maximizer’s latest release introduces a critical feature for enhanced compliance and data integrity. Organizations can set user permissions to regulate modifications to interaction logs. This empowers administrators to ensure the accuracy and transparency of records, vital for industries with strict compliance requirements. With the ability to assign view, insert, modify, and delete rights to individual users, administrators maintain full control over interaction log management.

“The latest Maximizer release reaffirms our commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge tools that enhance control, compliance, and informed decision-making,"** stated Alex Ackermans, VP Product & Engineering at Maximizer. "With the introduction of interaction log permissions and enriched sales insights, we enable businesses to drive revenue performance in an increasingly complex landscape.”

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About Maximizer

Maximizer is a visionary leader in the CRM sector, delivering a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass SaaS, On-Premise deployment, and a feature-rich mobile app. Recognizing the intricate needs of Sales Leaders in small to midsize enterprises, Maximizer empowers businesses to monitor, assess, and coach sales teams effectively to drive revenue. By leveraging Leading Indicators and deploying Artificial Intelligence across its platform, Maximizer continues to redefine the possibilities of CRM technology.

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