Maximizer CRM Leads Module & Integration Updates

Customer experience (CX) is core to any business and measuring and refining your personalized customer service strategy is essential for acquiring, retaining and growing high-value customer accounts.  

These days, products and services that are continuously improving, trigger more trials and influence more buyers. Moreover, experiences that are constructed and then left to automation, without adapting to changing times, no longer provide customer satisfaction. For example, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) shows that: 

“Most companies are stuck at “poor” or “very poor” levels and can’t break out. Even the companies that scored at the “good” level in 2017 (no company is “excellent”) either fell in 2018 or didn’t improve…”

At Maximizer, we are constantly working towards improving your user journey with our products and services. We understand that consumers are no longer satisfied with experiences that change at glacial speed. They expect that CX will be continuously improving, responsively and iteratively. You can witness this quick responsiveness with the Maximizer CRM Mobile app, where new features and updates are added bi-weekly. 

In our most recent update of Maximizer 2019 we have improved existing features and started new initiatives that have been carefully produced after listening to valuable customer feedback.  

Updates to the Leads Module

In the first iteration of the leads module, we introduced a cleaner more efficient way of displaying and retrieving the multitude of leads that customers receive. We have implemented functionality to add customized user-defined fields to your leads so you can track the data that is most important for guiding your business decisions. With this feature, you can share these fields across different modules within Maximizer which makes the process of converting a lead into an address book entry and/or opportunity seamless. 

Additionally, we have also introduced the ability to change columns on the leads grid in order to quickly view key information about the lead, without going deeper into the record to find more details.  

Since every team has a different process for working with the Leads Module, we have now introduced the following capabilities to better categorize your leads. 

  • Customizable statuses – helps you create a different status for your lead in the workflow.  
  • Multiple processes – help you apply different processes to leads, depending on their source. 
  • Customizable sources – helps you report on your ROI efforts more effectively based on what lead sources are most important to your company. 

Updates to our Third-Party Integrations

MailChimp marketing integration was recently updated. The email subscription statuses for contacts got smarter where contacts that are added to lists within MailChimp can now be assigned to companies that already exist in Maximizer, instead of creating duplicate records. 

In the Future

We have begun building the foundation of a Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation for our customers to make the process of logging into our CRM seamless. We are also introducing a limited release on our new offering, Insights. This is an easy-to-use self-serve analytics add-on tool, that will help reveal trends and patterns within your company, empowering you to make better data-driven decisions. 

Have Your Say!

As customers of Maximizer, you have a say in influencing the innovation of our product. As we continuously work to improve the customer experience, and ultimately customer success, we look forward to hearing your feature suggestions – both existing and new offerings that you wish to see in future releases. 

Maximizer CRM believes in fostering great relationships to help you grow your business to new heights. If you are a company representative considering implementing a CRM for your business,  request a call with one of our CRM experts today or try our 30-day free trial and explore how we can deliver increased value and long-term success. 

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