February 7, 2023 — Maximizer, a pioneer of CRM solutions, continues its track record of consistent monthly product launches with the latest release, bringing a host of new innovative features and enhancements to further streamline workflows and boost sales performance and drive revenue.

Empowering Sales Leaders with Data Insights

The Opps Viewer in the Sales Leader Edition now boasts enhanced capabilities. Users can take advantage of additional Leading Indicators that alert them to critical information about opportunities. Alert icons will be prominently displayed on opportunity cards meeting certain criteria, such as extended stage duration, past-due close dates, or lack of scheduled tasks or appointments in the next 7 days. Furthermore, the Timeline tab is now available within the Opps Viewer, ensuring that the most recent activities are always at users' fingertips, facilitating quicker deal closures.

Enhanced Activity Tracker for Sales Leaders

For users of the Sales Leader Edition, the Activity Tracker receives a significant upgrade. Now, users can seamlessly view the details of Customer Service cases directly from the associated case pop-up. This enhancement not only enables efficient case management but also empowers users to take actions and make edits within the same interface, enhancing workflow and customer service.

Enhancements in the Timeline

Maximizer introduces an important enhancement to the Timeline tab. Now, users can enjoy a more efficient way to view their most recent activities with the addition of one line of email preview text directly on the Timeline. This enhancement allows for quick insights into the content of email threads without the need to expand each message, simplifying the process of finding specific emails.

In a continual focus to enhance productivity further, the Timeline feature is now available within pop-ups for entry details. This means that any Address Book entry or Opportunity pulled from the Activity Tracker will now display the Timeline alongside entry details. This addition provides users with a comprehensive overview of recent activities, notes, and documents associated with an entry without needing to navigate away from the module.

Consistent User Interface with Sales Intelligence Updates

The Sales Management dashboard receives a comprehensive update in indicator titles and functionalities. The Sales Funnel now prioritizes stages based on percentage to close rather than alphabetical order, presenting a clearer picture of deal progression. Lost Revenue by Product widget includes a new pie chart and correlation table for enhanced data insight. The Sales Forecasting and Sales Overview sections also see improvements in data visualization and accessibility. Maximizer aims for a seamless user experience across all modules. As part of this latest release, dashboard filters have been relocated to the top of the screen to ensure a consistent and user-friendly interface.

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About Maximizer

Maximizer is a visionary leader in the CRM sector, delivering a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass SaaS, On-Premise deployment, and a feature-rich mobile app. Recognizing the intricate needs of Sales Leaders in small to midsize enterprises, Maximizer empowers businesses to monitor, assess, and coach sales teams effectively to drive revenue. By leveraging Leading Indicators and deploying Artificial Intelligence across its platform, Maximizer continues to redefine the possibilities of CRM technology.

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