Vancouver, BC, Canada – May 15, 2023 – Maximizer, a pioneer in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, today launched their latest release with a clear focus on sales productivity through delivery of [NEW or ADDITIONAL] powerful tools that drive revenue, enhance efficiency, and improved visibility for sales leaders and their teams.

Revolutionizing Sales Leadership with Targeted Insights

Maximizer’s latest release catapults the Sales Leader Edition to new heights by empowering sales leaders with the power of targeted insights. A cornerstone feature of this release, the revolutionary Sales Targets dashboard, allows sales leaders to set both revenue and activity targets, effectively creating a potent formula for sales success. This visionary approach equips sales leaders with the tools to meticulously track and monitor leading indicators, enabling data-driven decisions that fuel revenue growth.

Playbook: Empowering Onboarding and Training

The Playbook feature, seamlessly integrated into the Opps Viewer, streamlines onboarding and training processes for sales teams. By providing links to sales collateral, pricing documents, videos, and other vital resources, Playbook accelerates the mastery of sales processes. Sales reps gain access to interaction summaries that illuminate key activities like emails sent, calls made, and meetings scheduled, fostering optimal performance and swift success.

Enhanced Data Precision with Revenue Type Field

This release introduces the Revenue Type field in the Opportunities module, revolutionizing data categorization. This innovative field allows businesses to categorize opportunities based on various sources of revenue, including net new customers and expansion. With the ability to customize this field, businesses can tailor it to their specific needs, providing unparalleled data accuracy and precision.

Empowering Sales Leaders with Follow Opportunities

Sales leaders can now focus on critical opportunities with the Follow Opportunities feature. By tracking specific opportunities, sales leaders receive real-time notifications on their mobile devices whenever a significant stage change occurs. This groundbreaking feature enhances sales leadership by enabling proactive engagement and timely interventions.

Faster Insights with Enhanced Quick Search

The latest release elevates data exploration through Quick Search enhancements. The updated behavior of Quick Search enables users to find opportunities with unmatched precision. Searches now extend beyond Address Book entries, encompassing opportunity Objectives and Descriptions. This innovation empowers users to uncover valuable insights with ease, transforming data into actionable intelligence.

"With the latest release of Maximizer, our mission is to propel our Sales Leader Edition to unprecedented heights, arming sales leaders with dynamic tools to drive revenue and optimize team performance," Alex Ackermans, VP Product & Engineering at Maximizer. "By combining cutting-edge features such as the Sales Targets dashboard, Playbook, and enhanced search capabilities, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of their sales teams."

About Maximizer

Maximizer is a visionary leader in the CRM sector, delivering a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass SaaS, On-Premise deployment, and a feature-rich mobile app. Recognizing the intricate needs of Sales Leaders in small to midsize enterprises, Maximizer empowers businesses to monitor, assess, and coach sales teams effectively to drive revenue. By leveraging Leading Indicators and deploying Artificial Intelligence across its platform, Maximizer continues to redefine the possibilities of CRM technology.

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