Leading vs. Lagging Indicators for Sales Leaders: Are you focused on the road ahead, or the rear-view mirror?

Leading vs. Lagging Indicators for Sales Leaders: Are you focused on the road ahead, or the rear-view mirror? cover

Sales Leaders know all about quotas. But they also know that when quotas are missed, almost nothing can be done after the close of a quarter. Most all sales reporting is based on results, and really, it’s like looking in the review mirror. Little help if you want to focus on the road ahead and truly take control of your revenue destination.

Lagging indicators, such as quota reports, are a business necessity. You need them, we need them. If we are being honest, however, quotas are not just about required accountability, but they are also about the “bare minimum.” The real fun with quotas begins only when you start smashing through them.

Enter, leading indicators: a measure of the quantity and quality of daily activities required to bring in new opportunities and facilitate current ones to close.

“Simply put, leading indicators, versus lagging ones, are the very best predictors of sales success. Our platform helps sales leaders get a real window into how their reps are spending their time, and what they are doing right now,” explains Iain Black, President & CEO of Maximizer. “And if they're spending their time on the wrong sales activities, Maximizer helps managers coach, course-correct and follow up to ensure reps have the highest probability of success – every single quarter,” he says.

Black noted, too, that the ability to establish, measure and monitor leading indicators is a unique and defining feature of Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition. As the company embarked on it’s current product strategy, it was with a clear understanding that all “contemporary” CRM offerings on the market focus – almost exclusively – on lagging indicators.

“Leading indicators are all about human behavior. Calls made, emails sent, meetings booked, etcetera. Looking at what your sales reps are doing or are going to do, not what they’ve already done” continued Black. “Importantly, leading indicators also become the best predictors of revenue potential, resulting in more accurate forecasting.”

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