A New Look, Cleaner Dashboards and some Opportunities Workflow Enhancements!

A New Look, Cleaner Dashboards and Opportunities Workflow Enhancement! 

We’re very excited to share our new look with you, but first we wanted to let you know that the Notes function is back! Based on your feedback – and as we refine a consolidated view of all your customer data into a Timeline (stay tuned!) – we brought Notes back as it was: logging notes for phone calls, emails and appointments/tasks creation, modification, and completion. 

A Fresh New Look 

As for our new looklike Microsoft, Google, Apple, and thousands of others, we’ve adopted material design guidelines to make our platform more accessible, inclusive, and delightful to use. Purely aesthetic, we made some small enhancements to the color and font with bigger icons and bold text. We’ve also slightly increased the row height of the grid to reduce clutter.

Optimized Quick Search Bar 

If you noticed from above, the Quick Search bar is now at the top middle of the screen for faster access and quicker results. The Last Contacted Date now shows up in the Suggestions dropdown to help you decide which entry to select if multiple entries with the same name have been found. You’ll also see a new display of avatar icons for individuals, contacts, and leads.  


Cleaner Dashboards 

Simple and fresh with no changes to your data – it’s just an updated display. We did separate the My Work Day tab from the Dashboards and place it as its own module on the Modules Menu on the left hand side. 

Enhancement in Opportunities Module  

 We’ve added some new features like:  

  1. Status Filters to quickly navigate through the Opportunities you need to focus on, 
  2. And Stages so you can move the sales stage forward in just 2 clicks – saving you from opening the Edit Dialog window and an extra 2 clicks. You can now simply click the new desired Stage and click the Set Stage button. 

Lots of exciting movement happening at Maximizer, see you next time!  

For more details and a few extra updates regarding this release please view our comprehensive release notes: 

July 2022 Release Notes

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