Interested in joining the Global Maximizer Business Partner program? 5 things you need to know.

Interested in joining the Global Maximizer Business Partner program? 5 things you need to know. cover

Maximizer is actively recruiting and accepting applications for our Global Business Partner Program. Read more on what it takes, and what to expect.

1. We’re Looking for True Partnerships

We know that committed partnerships “go both ways”. Your success is our success, and vice versa. We know the right fit isn’t just about our complementary expertise and combined ability to pitch tech products and services. We know that without meaningful investment in our programs, you can’t meet set standards, let alone prosper. Like you, we don’t want to just settle for companies based on a good enough “dating profile”.  Fantastic margins mean nothing if we’re not working together to generate leads. And partnership start-up costs are all for nothing if your solution provider is in direct competition with you.

We are different. Maximizer is a performance motivated company with a strong track record of successful global partnerships. And we’re looking for new, high-performance solution providers to grow with us. Through our ambitious, channel-centric growth plan, we heavily support our Partners in their mission to create results for themselves and their customers. On average, Maximizer Partners are currently tracking above industry average growth rates per year, and we have every confidence that Partners have an even greater potential to expand their business and profits with Maximizer’s robust and highly respected SaaS CRM Business Partner Program.

2. We Stick to Our Commitments

Our commitment to our partners is as strong as our track record in the CRM industry itself (over 30 years, ICYMI!). Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we work with customers and partners around the world in Africa, Australasia, and throughout EMEA. In our pursuit of market leadership and true differentiation, we are continually examining both our relevance against ever-changing customer requirements and maintaining our edge in a highly competitive market. To this end, for 2023 we are committed to:

  • Accelerating new business growth through our Business Partners (that’s you!)
  • A bias toward actions that increase prosperity for us, our partners, and our customers
  • Speed and agility to better serve our customers and partners
  • A defined and ideal customer profile for whom our redefined product adds value and is in high demand

We are committed to growth, and we are excited to open our Business Partner Program to solution providers who want to share that commitment with us.

3. We Value Our Relationships

At Maximizer we pride ourselves on accessibility, engagement and support.

We value our Partner’s perspectives on customer demands and market trends. We involve our partners at the highest levels of platform engineering to help shape our product roadmap and solution offerings. From the CMO to the VP Engineering, Customer Success to Professional Services, we engage our Partners across all Maximizer Teams and on all levels of management and leadership.

Through our comprehensive, flexible and well-financed Comarketing program, we help Partners expedite and execute on everything from tradeshows to webinars, content marketing to social media, and more. Through our Digital Demand Program and Sales Development Representatives, our initiatives include PPC, SEO, and account-based marketing to generate, qualify, and pass engaged and/or qualified leads to the regional Partners most suited to close them.

As your Partner (and not your competitor) we want a mutually profitable relationship. We reward our Partners with generous commissions and compensation. Our model includes a large payout of first year ARR, commission for “net new logos”, and ongoing payments (residuals) for multi-year / renewed contracts.

4. We Know Sales

We know sales! Our CRM platform is doggedly committed to it. Our flagship product (the Sales Leader Edition) is built around it. The most common sentiment reflected by new customers is they are impressed by how fully functional the CRM package is out of the box, and how easy and quick it is to get started, implement, and customize. While it has focus on Sales Success, it contains all other core CRM functionality provided by the competition – marketing automation and customer service modules, to be specific. Not only do we serve Sales Leaders, but also we are Sales Leaders.

5. We Know What We’re Looking For

We are looking for established and confident technology sales and service partners with a desire for growth. Our most successful Partners have:

  • A dedicated sales team with 2-10+ full-time employees
  • Dedicated marketing resources to help drive comarketing efforts as well as business development resources to run with – and fully engage on – generated leads
  • Professional services / consulting capabilities that, with our support, can manage and lead implementations, customizations, and integrations
  • Customer success resources and systems so that Partners can fully own and develop their customer relationships
  • A specific geographic service area, defined industry targets, and/or a third-party integration expertise. Partners with a strategic focus invariably realize more efficient and effective demand generation and sales success. While we constantly entertain new Partnership opportunities around the world, we are, at the times, keen to grow our network in the United States and Canada in particular.

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