How to Be a Better Sales Leader: Is your “Jumbo” CRM the elephant in the room? 

How to Be a Better Sales Leader: Is your “Jumbo” CRM the elephant in the room?  cover

There are hundreds of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options on the market. As a Sales Leader, its important to understand how the right CRM and the right features and functions can actually help you and your team sell more – and sell more, quickly. Equally as important, how do you cut past all the well-intended, but unnecessary and time-consuming CRM “bells and whistles” that are slowing your reps down, and have them resorting back to spreadsheets and sticky notes?

Somewhere between the overkill of “jumbo” CRM, and futility of spreadsheets and sticky notes is a right-sized CRM for your sales team.

We refer to “jumbo” CRM as those monolithic “solutions” that can create more problems than they solve. An overload of unused capabilities, cluttering the user’s experience and throwing up hurdles with an infinite number of required clicks. This kind of frustration will have even the most ambitious sales rep run off their track. Moreover, jumbo CRMs are often complicated to install, difficult to learn and use, and expensive to purchase and support. No surprise then, jumbo CRMs risk being quietly abandoned by the teams tasked with adopting them, which seriously undermines their intended value to an organization.

On the flip side of the same coin, if reps are abandoning their CRM and reverting back to spreadsheets and sticky notes, this too becomes a well-worn path to declining sales. Furthermore, spreadsheets and sticky notes do not scale well (to say the least) and offer little in the way of performance management and reporting insights.

“Helping companies right-size their CRM is Maximizer’s bread and butter,” says Mike Curliss, VP Sales at Maximizer. “We see sales organizations reinvent themselves entirely after upgrading from spreadsheets or migrating away from their over-kill CRMs. Because our mature and capable feature set is streamlined and easy to use, user adoption goes up, reps have clear targets and sales leaders achieve better insights. Everybody wins.”

Right-Sizing Your CRM for Better Sales Results

Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition is designed specifically for Sales Leaders and their teams. Our mission is to provide a purpose-built CRM for sales management to help companies sell smarter, sell more, and sell now.

If revenue generation is truly your top priority, and you are weighing an “everything” CRM vs. a solution like Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Sales Process. Why: Because a good sales process is at heart of every successful sales organization. Can your CRM provider configure your sales process right into the platform? Or at the very least, do they have ready-made standardized templates available?
  • Time to Implementation. Why: Because time is money (aka revenue!). Will it be days, weeks, or months for your new provider to get you up and running?
  • Customization. Why: Because not all sales organizations are the same. To what extent will your provider allow you to configure all the features and reports as you need them to be. Furthermore, can you reduce the “noise” (and increase user adoption) by turning off any bells and whistles you don’t need.
  • Integrations. Why: Because productivity can skyrocket if your reps can continue using platforms that they already know and love. Can your CRM integrate with the world’s top apps like Gmail, Outlook, Calendly and Twilio?
  • Support. Why: Because you didn’t come all this way for your CRM implementation to fail. Did you know – Software Reviews has Maximizer topping the charts with scores of 100% for our Technical Specialists!

Learn more about Maximizer Sales Leader Edition – a purpose-built CRM for sales management to help companies sell smarter, sell more, and sell now.

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