Life without CRM unimaginable for Event Management Company

Hub Exhibitions is a successful and growing events management company based in Godalming Surrey. We chat with Christie Day, Group Event Director and Charity Holden, Sales Manager to learn about their successful business and why they would recommend Maximizer CRM to improve productivity and customer experiences.

In the Autumn 2019, Hub Exhibitions launched a new Women in Business Expo at the Farnborough International Conference Centre in Hampshire, UK, which proved to be a great success.

The event gave 4000 plus delegates access to over 120 exhibitors, a networking hub, and sixty plus seminar sessions.  Keynote speeches were delivered by Baroness Karren Brady CBE, Caprice Bourret and Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE, who shared their inspirational and motivational stories to a packed enthralled audience.

The team is now focused on organising this year’s event which has expanded and gone virtual; which Maximizer CRM is proudly attending and sponsoring. You can register for tickets here.  In addition, they are also planning an exciting new Space-Comm Expo at Farnborough in May 2021.

Great for Event Management

Christie’s former colleague Rob Sherwood set up Hub Exhibitions in 2018, identifying a local need in Surrey and Hampshire for ethical and topical events for a large group of talented professionals and hence, Women in Business was born.

As well as building a great team of dedicated driven women with a collective 75 years’ experience in organising award-winning and market-leading events, securing the right business solutions to support their business activities was of paramount importance.

As Christie explains “Your biggest asset in an events business, is your address book of suppliers, exhibitors, prospects and delegates. So, securing the most effective solution for managing this information was a critical decision in setting up the business.”

Charity adds “In the infancy of our company, without Maximizer, we wouldn’t have been able to grow the database as quickly as we have done. I can’t imagine life before it or without it quite frankly.”

Which CRM?

Deciding on which CRM to implement in their business was straightforward. When Christie and Rob were working together at their previous company, they were using another CRM, but found to it to be too complicated and instead they spent time on maintenance and building reports rather than the tasks at hand to run the events. Christie was also previously familiar with Maximizer having used it in other roles.

The team knew they wanted a user-friendly solution that was quick to set up, easy for the team to adopt and use and allowed them to focus on their business, versus advanced CRM implementation.

The Hub Exhibition Team worked with QIC, one of Maximizer’s UK Certified Solution Providers to implement the solution and were fully up and running within a couple of days.

Business Benefits

The Hub Exhibitions team quickly realized the benefits of Maximizer CRM including:

  • Increased sales time with clients by reducing data upload time.
  • Improved understanding and personalization of delegates by capturing unique data in easily customisable fields
  • More targeted lists for marketing and sales activities with easy search and filters
  • Detailed analysis of activity and performance with Dashboards and reporting.

Growth & Scalability

Charity finishes “Not only are we expanding our events calendar but also our marketing team, with Maximizer playing an instrumental role in our growth plans.

We will be working closely with QIC and Maximizer to ensure we continue to leverage our CRM solution for the continued success of our business.

We would both, highly recommend Maximizer CRM to any company looking to improve productivity customer experience and performance.”

To find out more about how Hub Exhibitions are using and benefiting from Maximizer CRM, please read their Case Study.

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