Maximizer Sets Focus on CRM for the Sales Leader with 3 Key Announcements

Iain Black - Keynote 2022

Iain Black, President & CEO Delivers Keynote & Hosts Expert Panel

It was an exciting week for everyone at Maximizer and the collective “MaxPack”. Employees and Partners came together to both celebrate and participate in some game-changing announcements for the company. Announcements included a new customer focus, a new product edition and an ongoing engagement strategy.

As described by Iain Black, President & CEO in a keynote address, Maximizer is now hyper-focused on a special breed of CRM user – The Sales Leader. “It is our mission to bring our platform, and with it – peace – to the frustrated Sales Leader,” explained Black. “Our steadfast belief in, and commitment to, this mission allows us to continue to assert ourselves differently than anyone else.” Black also noted that their ideal customer profile, by extension, includes Renewals Managers.

Joining Black on stage as part of the keynote were Vice President of Engineering Alex Ackerman and Vice president of Sales Mike Curliss, both of whom were instrumental in fleshing out the new flagship product – the Sales Leader Edition – designed to help customers sell more and sell more now!

The new edition boasts key sales-driven modules that will be unveiled in the coming weeks including:

  • Opps Viewer – A daily visual pipeline for Sales Leaders to hold reps accountable to their funnel and, more importantly, to the deals that matter most.
  • Sales Intelligence – Out-of-the-box dashboards that allow Sales Leaders to visualize team performance and translate insight into action…and results!
  • Quota Tracker – A goal setting tool to support the team’s forecast and financial goals for driving motivation and sparking competition.

Following the product and customer profile announcements, Maximizer hosted an expert panel discussion on Sales Leadership. Black and Curliss were joined on stage by Shane Gibson, a top named sales leader by Forbes and also Mark Christie, a long-time expert in CRM implementation, adoption and effectiveness. The panel was moderated by Maximizer’s CMO, James Thomas.

Commenting on the requirement for CRMs to add qualitative value, “Sales begins when your prospect says no, until then you’re simply taking orders,” said Gibson. From Christie’s perspective, “The fact that a CRM company not only knows the difference between a Leading and a Lagging indicator but is also delivering that as a key factor in its solution is a very welcome change to the CRM space,” he added.

The panel discussion dovetailed into Maximizer’s third announcement – their plan for ongoing stakeholder engagement. Specifically, the creation of two key resources to ensure their product strategy fulfills its mission: The Customer Advisory Council, created to give direct feedback from clients, and a Sales Leadership Council, comprised of international experts in the fields of selling, coaching and CRM implementation.

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