Maximizer: CRM Pioneer Reestablishes “The Sales Leader” as Top Priority

Iain Black

The following was released by Iain Black our CEO. If you don’t have time to read it in full, here are the key takeaways:

Maximizer has always been a key player in the CRM space, with a history of setting early industry benchmarks, and assisting companies to grow and develop their customer base. From the earliest CMS & SFA systems, and for more than 30 years, it has built strong relationships with its customers based on the idea that the universal requirements for sales have remained the same.

Maximizer is set to unveil a major next step in its CRM technology in December 2022. This ‘level up’ has been described quietly by the company’s global partners as the most significant in a decade and includes a significant tune-up of the software and underlying architecture – adding deeper and broader functionality, deploying contemporary integrations, and improved UI/UX. A further focus has been made on enhancing security and global reliability, privacy, and the location of customer data.

Maximizer returns back to basics aiming to help businesses: Sell, More, Now. It is aware that the industry has lost sight of the most important criteria as to why companies invest in their CRM, “all the fancy metrics, dashboards, and analyses are irrelevant if the money you spent on a CRM system isn’t driving more revenue. Maximizer is not just an information tool, it’s a ‘making you money’ tool.”

Maximizer’s new product strategy will address the key pain points that Sales Leaders are feeling: 1) responsibility over a team’s sales success is stressful, and 2) that success boils down to people (as in, salespeople); “Everybody dances around the fact that the ultimate purpose of deploying CRM tech is for customers to sell MORE.” We will concentrate on human behaviour and using CRM tech to help revenue leaders measure it, assess it, drive it, and then measure it again – looking at what salespeople are going, or likely going to do, vs. what they have already done.

Our commitment to upgrade the Financial Advisor and Insurance Agency versions of our software remains, bringing new pathways to functionality, analysis, and related resources.

The December 2022 announcement will bring further improvement to Maximizer’s “Base Edition”, but also a new “Sales Leader Edition”. Expect modules more closely aligned to customer’s desired sales processes.

You can read more about our objectives below. We’re excited to take you on the journey forward with us.

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